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This 20-Minute Workout Will Help You Lose Weight—No Gym Required


New to strength training? This gentle Fit Firm Foundations routine from our all-new Toning Transformation Challenge is a perfect starting point for anyone who is trying to lose 20 or more pounds, dealing with joint pain, or just getting back to exercise.

Try it now, and then consider joining the 8-Week Toning Transformation Challenge. For as little as $9, you’ll score everything you need to get back in shape this summer, including access to more than 140 minutes of follow-along workout videos, meal plans, recipes, and more.  

How to do it:

Perform each exercise for 60 seconds unless otherwise noted, resting for about 20 seconds between moves. Do as many reps as you can while maintaining proper form during each set. Do the circuit twice. All you need is a chair, a hand towel, and a pair of hand weights.

Article source: http://healthmedicinet.com/i2/this-20-minute-workout-will-help-you-lose-weight-no-gym-required/