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This Reality Star’s Photos Show What A Mastectomy Really Looks Like?


“A integrate of weeks ago we found out I’m BRCA2 positive, that means I’m during a high risk for breast and ovarian cancer one day,” Murphy wrote in an Instagram caption. “Buzzzz kill. we know. But it’s loyal what they say—knowledge is power. I’m left with a few options and have motionless that medicine medicine is what we wish over several screenings mixed times a year. A double mastectomy during 2freaking9. Wtf?! Yep, it’s happening.”

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Murphy has a family story of breast cancer—her mom was diagnosed with a illness 3 years ago. She finished a formidable preference to bear medicine surgery, and has chronicled her tour on Instagram.

Before her mastectomy, Murphy threw a “ta-ta to a tatas” celebration finish with themed games and cake.

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She kept her supporters updated from a initial day after her surgery, that she had finished in her home state of Arkansas.

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On a second day after her surgery, Murphy was means to take a few stairs by a gymnasium of a hospital. She was afterwards liberated and taken home to serve recover.

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Murphy’s mom has been caring for her during home, assisting her with all from holding her drugs to soaking and drying her hair.

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It’s now been a week given Murphy’s surgery, and she says she’s been impressed by a support she has perceived from finish strangers. (Subscribe to Women’s Health newsletter, So This Happened, to get a latest trending stories sent true to your inbox.)

“I’m vacant by all a stories told in comments, emails and DMs,” she wrote. “Young, old, sad, happy, preventative, or a quarrel of a lifetime. Each one is inspiring, so interjection for revelation your story and being so open and exposed here with me. Together we are formulating so most recognition for early detection, screenings, gene mutations and how to work with a options we have. Thank you, appreciate you, appreciate you.”

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You can follow Murphy on Instagram here.

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