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Woman Body-Shamed By Playboy Playmate Speaks Out For The First Time


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While Dani has been deliberating a box publicly, her victim, who stays anonymous, hasn’t had a possibility to pronounce out until now, with City Attorney Mike Feuer vocalization to a Los Angeles Times on her behalf.

Feuer told a paper that a lady has called a knowledge “humiliating” and that she wishes this unpleasant section in her life would close. He also overwhelmed on a compensation Dani was systematic to compensate a victim.

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“She sought compensation of, like, $60. And people wanted to know afterwards, ‘Why?’ And a answer is, she had to buy a new backpack,” he explained. “Because a sketch decorated her in a shower, her trek was unresolved there, and it was a approach people could brand her. She had to reinstate that with another backpack.”

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Feuer also discredited a explain done by Dani on Good Morning America, where she pronounced she has attempted to hit a victim.

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“That surprises a victim, who told me she is unknowingly of any try by Ms. Mathers to strech out to her,” he said.

Feuer is committed to safeguarding people’s remoteness in a future, sponsoring a check that would reprove a placement of photos that invade a person’s privacy, like this one. Presently a usually crime is holding a photo, not disseminating it, like Dani did.