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?Your Weekend Guide: Kick Off Summer On The Right Foot


Do The Workout: This 15-Minute Workout Will Leave You Feeling Like Wonder Woman 

Master Your Taco Game

If you’re formulation on doing some summer entertaining, because not offer adult a DIY taco bar? The easy plate is fun and customizable—you can let guest build their possess dream taco by environment out a accumulation of fillings and toppings to select from. To make your offerings vegetarian and vegan friendly, try swapping out your belligerent beef for seasoned baked lentils. Not usually is it a surprisingly tasty switch, you’ll get an additional fiber boost in your meal, reduction a few grams of fat. Sounds like a win-win to us. 

Embrace The Nude (Lipstick!)

Summer is a ideal time to try on a some-more healthy demeanour (after all, who wants to wear a full face of makeup when it’s 96 and humid?). The biggest challenge: nailing a ideal bare shade of lipstick. Luckily, we scored an extraordinary tip that will assistance we match the right neutral shade to your skintone every time. Plus, try some of a favorite bare mouth colors, too. (We also adore a Good Gloss from a Women’s Health Boutique for a healthy shine.)

Nab Your Color: The One Trick That Will Help You Find The Perfect Nude Lipstick

Upgrade Your Swimsuit

With a summer deteriorate picking adult (and beach trips and pool parties on a horizon), what improved time to start meditative about a new swimsuit? If you’ve got a smaller bust, check out these cute, stylish picks that will assistance we flourish what you’ve got.

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