10 Midjourney Prompt Generators You Should Try (2023)

Since the advent of Artificial Intelligence, especially deep learning techniques, and the accessibility of massive training datasets, AI image generation has expanded significantly. Many AI image generators are available that generate images from text prompts in seconds. One of the most potent and popular AI-based art generators is MidJourney which produces stunning visuals from simple text input. For creating AI-based images for projects and associated work, this open-source tool has slowly evolved into the tool of choice for designers, artists, and enthusiasts.

Prompts are crucial for AI image generation because they give the model the context it needs to produce accurate and high-quality images. The AI model receives a prompt, which can be text or picture, and uses it as a starting point to create an image. Let’s look at some of the best free Prompt generators for Midjourney.

Hugging face Prompt Generator for Midjourney

Hugging Face’s prompt generator was created using the GPT-2 language model, which was trained using the MidJourney Prompts Dataset, which comprises over 250k text prompts. All users need to do is visit the page, provide a brief description of the image they want to create, then click the Submit button. It will take some time to automatically complete the prompt and provide numerous examples. It can also be used to generate auto-complete prompts for any text-to-image model, including Dall-e.


Phraser is an AI-powered tool that helps users create better prompts for Midjourney, Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, Disco Diffusion, and Craiyon art generators. It offers customers nine elements to choose from, including neural network, color, quality, camera settings, content type, description, style, feeling, and epoch, in order to provide customized and accurate prompts.


 Promptomania is a very user-friendly prompt generator for a variety of AI art generators, including Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, DreamStudio, and others. It provides a wide range of options and sophisticated features to customize prompts and quickly create original AI art.

MidJourney Prompt Helper

MidJourney Prompt Helper is a sophisticated tool for generating prompts for MidJourney. To begin, one needs to provide a brief description of the image, then utilize the variety of available options to adjust and edit the prompt as necessary. It offers choices for the most significant factors, including styles, depth of field, lighting, camera type, artists, colors, materials, quality, etc.

Midjourney Prompt Inspiration

This comprehensive prompt builder helps users create the ideal prompt for MidJourney image production by providing a wide variety of options to choose from. The tool offers a wide variety of modifiers for things like animals, anime, artists, camera angles, forms, materials, textures, styles, locations, and lighting.

MJ Prompt Builder

MidJourney prompt builder is a straightforward tool for creating prompts for various art generators. It features a great function that allows a user to offer image references that will assist with the generation of their prompt. These reference pictures will serve as inspiration for MJ Prompt Builder while creating the final prompt. The tool also has a wide variety of modifiers and properties that a user can adjust to obtain the desired results.

Viorel Spinu Midjourney Prompt Generator

This web application creates a Midjourney prompt using an initial text input and a variety of modifiers and characteristics. To generate the prompt, all one needs to do is enter the prompt and the required settings. The tool was created by the developer using ChatGPT, and because it lacks a server component, prompts, and settings are generated locally in the browser and are not stored.


Promptmakr is a website where prompt Engineers can create and distribute free AI art prompts indefinitely. To utilize the tool, create an account and log in. It includes a straightforward user interface and a number of adjustable properties, including Art style, Realism, Artist, Lighting angle style, Camera position, Quality, URL of inspiration image, and more.

ChatX MidJourney Prompt Parameters Generator

Creative professionals wishing to produce original and aesthetically arresting photos can use this simple tool to generate prompts for Midjourney. Using this tool, users can start by entering text or keywords and adjusting a few basic parameters to generate the final prompt.

MidJourney Random Commands Generator

Enthusiasts created this MidJourney prompt generator tool for fun. Users can choose a few arbitrary concepts for the fundamental prompts and then use the corresponding dropdowns to select the lighting, view, parameters, and size. The user only needs to walk through and alter a few simple parameters to produce the final prompt.

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