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“Time and money were both concerns for me. Gym memberships and exercise equipment were too expensive, but I found simple ways to add any extra movement into my day. I took on chores like mowing the lawn and raking, which actually burned a lot of calories. I also spent more time cleaning my house, mopping, and vacuuming. Besides burning extra energy, doing more chores distracted me from hitting the fridge.” —Nicole Ortiz, 37, lost 60 pounds

“Buying healthy salads during my lunch hour was really expensive, sometimes up to $14 a salad. So I decided to spend time during the weekends preparing lunches and snacks to bring to work that week. This helped me save money and calories. Every Sunday I buy a batch of vegetables that I roast in the oven, prepare a protein, like salmon, hard-boiled eggs, and divide an avocado among every lunch for healthy fats. Bringing lunches and snacks to work helps me avoid making last-minute decisions when I’m hungry, which often results in eating anything in sight (those office donuts) because I’m that hungry.” —Natasha Bucks, 29, lost 17 pounds (Hit the reset button—and burn fat like crazy with The Body Clock Diet!)

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“I stopped driving to work and started walking, riding my bike, and taking public transportation. The extra effort added much more activity to my life. I lived 10 blocks from my office, which took me about 30 minutes to walk. Those small changes alone helped me lose 15 pounds quickly.” —Alisha Adkins, 33, lost 75 pounds

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“I found that the food at my grocery store was much more expensive than it was at our local farmer’s market. The only issue was that I had to wake up earlier to make it to the farmer’s market on weekends. So I decided to split a community-supported agriculture share with two of my friends. We went to the farm to pick up our ‘share’ of the crops and volunteered to work on the farm and help grow the plants. A $300 share split between three people over 10 weeks meant it was only $10 per week per person. Though I didn’t set out to lose weight by eating healthier and cheaper, I ended up getting in better shape anyway.” —Eileen Reardon, 28, lost 20 pounds

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“My friends, my husband, and I love to eat out. We used to eat at restaurants at least three times a week, spending about $100 per meal, which adds up. But when I was doing the Whole30, I learned that eating at home before meeting friends out at a restaurant or bar could really help me save calories and money. Because I was restricted on what I can eat while I was on that plan (no dairy, sugar, legumes, wheat), it was a lot easier to just eat at home than to make changes while at a restaurant. Filling up my stomach before going out definitely helped me eat less, and also helped me pick healthier options if I decided to eat something out.” —Jezelle Alcantara, 28, lost 24.5 pounds