“Every year my boyfriend and I celebrate his birthday with a camping trip. Once, in Ojai, California, we found this gorgeous trail that ended at a 45-foot waterfall with crystal-clear pools of water.

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“The area was green and lush with all these huge ferns and caverns, like an ad for Irish Spring soap. At dusk, we took a few beers to the waterfall to cool off. We started kissing, and little by little our clothes came off. Eventually I found myself giving him oral.

“He was leaning on a huge boulder, and I was partially under the falls. I could feel the cool water trickling down my body as the sun set, and I noticed all the sounds, smells, and textures. I could hear things rustling in the leaves, the birds chirping. It was all very cinematic. I got up and faced the boulder, positioning him behind me. We had sex for a good 15 minutes, both of us taking it all in, looking out over our piece of paradise.

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“Being outdoors is a turn-on—it heightens your senses in the best way, and you have sensations that you’re not used to. You feel wilder, more alive.” —Christine, 40

Fact: 82 percent of women find the idea of skinny-dipping with their partner to be a huge turn-on.