After inserting a deodorant can up his buttocks, a man has it extracted from his stomach.

A deodorant tube that an Iranian man accidentally stuck up his butt had to be removed from his stomach.

Two hours after placing the canister in his rectum, the unnamed 30-year-old asked for assistance.

He complained of excruciating stomach discomfort, which was later made public by the doctors who treated him and published his case study in a medical journal.

He confessed that he had previously experienced an “uncomplicated” rectal insertion of a foreign body, although it is not clear with what object.

Examinations of his anus revealed no signs of trauma, bleeding or cuts.

The unidentified 30-year-old sought help two hours after inserting the canister into his rectum. The photo shows an X-ray showing the bus

But medics also couldn’t find “any part of the bus,” the team wrote in the Visual Journal of Emergency Medicine.

The man was in too much pain to undergo a rectal exam, forcing medics to rely on an X-ray to see where the can had gone.

He was then taken to the operating room of the emergency department of Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

Surgeons made a cut in his abdomen and removed the canister that same day.

He spent another day in the hospital and visited a psychiatrist before being allowed to go home.

People usually push objects into their rectums for sexual pleasure.

This is partly due to the number of nerves in the anus making it highly sensitive, and for men it can simulate the prostate, an erogenous part of the male reproductive system.

In women, it can also indirectly stimulate parts of the vagina.

But inserting objects into a rectum, also known as anal play, carries a number of risks.

In addition to lodged objects, they can also potentially perforate the intestine, which can be fatal as material from the digestive tract can travel to other parts of the body and cause infection.

The NHS advises that anyone exploring anal play should do so safely and use an object with a flared base to avoid getting lost in it.

Man gets deodorant can removed from his stomach after shoving it up his bum