Association study of 15q14 and 15q25 with high myopia in the Han Chinese population

Refractive errors and high myopia are the most common ocular disorders, and both of them are leading causes of blindness in the world. Recently, genetic association studies in European and Japanese population identified that common genetic variations located in 15q14 and 15q25 were associated with high myopia.

To validate whether the same variations conferred risk to high myopia in the Han Chinese population, we genotyped 1,461 individuals (940 controls and 521 cases samples) recruited of Han Chinese origin.Result: We found rs8027411 in 15q25 (P = 0.012 after correction, OR = 0.78) was significantly associated with high myopia but rs634990 in 15q14 (P = 0.54 after correction), OR = 0.88) was not.

Our findings supported that 15q25 is a susceptibility locus for high myopia, and gene RASGRF1 was possible to play a role in the pathology of high myopia.

Author: Yu QiangWenjin LiQingzhong WangKuanjun HeZhiqiang LiJianhua ChenZhijian SongJia QuXiangtian ZhouShengying QinJiawei ShenZujia WenJue JiYongyong Shi
Credits/Source: BMC Genetics 2014, 15:51

Published on: 2014-04-27


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