Being Laid Back Just Might Get You Laid More Often, Says Science

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On average, couples had sex three to four times during the 14-day period. But how often they did it wasn’t random: Researchers found that the more open and agreeable the wife was, the more often the couple got it on. However, the husband’s personality traits had nothing to do with it.

What’s up with that? The study’s authors point out that previous research has shown that, on average, men want sex more often than women, so we play a pretty big role in how often it actually goes down.

That’s sounds about right.

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But when it came to sexual satisfaction, the personalities of both partners mattered. Men and women who were more neurotic had lower levels of sexual satisfaction—no shocker there. But, weirdly, husbands who ranked highly in terms of openness were less likely to be sexually satisfied (the opposite was true for open women).

Of course, if your partner is open to new experiences, it doesn’t mean he thinks your sex life is crap. This study was short and only tracked people in the honeymoon phase, so researchers admit there’s still a lot left to be explored before their findings can be applied to all couples.

However, there’s one major finding you can take away from all of this: If you’re not happy with how often you’re getting laid, you can do something about it.