Best 20+ AI Paraphrasing Tools for 2023

Increase your content’s uniqueness with the help of an AI paraphrasing tool. Paraphrasing and rewriting phrases and paragraphs are possible with such programs. With the correct artificial intelligence technology, it can be done perfectly. Nowadays, marketers have a lot on their plates with all the many platforms and creative exercises. Therefore, they use cutting-edge AI paraphrasing techniques to create original material. This makes the most efficient use of their time. 

When searching for an artificial intelligence solution that works well with WordPress, narrowing down the online options may take time and effort. These tools are similar in that they both perform the same fundamental function.

If you need help paraphrasing, try these resources.


Students and working professionals may benefit greatly from QuillBot’s AI-driven paraphrase tool. To improve readability and understanding, it allows users to restate, amend, and alter the tone of their content. Additionally, it serves as a plagiarism checker. The reworded text may be modified using the tool’s two free modes and five paid options. The Synonym Slider gives the user command over how drastically the vocabulary is altered. Synonyms are presented via a thesaurus driven by artificial intelligence. Besides Google Chrome and Microsoft Word, QuillBot works seamlessly with Gmail, Google Docs, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Jasper AI

Jasper is a writer powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that has researched various topics online and can articulately write about them. Jasper is a team-friendly AI copywriter and article generator with over 3,000 five-star reviews. It’s meant to aid groups in speeding up the process of creating blog posts, marketing material, and AI-generated images. Jasper’s 20+ templates, 29+ languages, and Chrome extension allow users to incorporate AI into their workflow to enhance and produce content. It can generate long-form content of over 1,000 characters in a single pass and has an in-built plagiarism detector to ensure originality. It also integrates with Surfer SEO so that content may be ranked-optimized.


Wordtune is a writing helper and editor that uses artificial intelligence to help its users become better writers. The application provides several capabilities, such as rewriting, paraphrasing, and recommendations to quickly improve writing, powered by artificial intelligence to enhance the writing process. Users can also access a summarizer, editor, and “Wordtune spices” to inject individuality into their work. This desktop application works in tandem with Chrome and is available there. Wordtune’s users have lauded the app for its useful sentence-alternative ideas, how they’ve used them in their writing, and the clarity of their communication. Additionally, the tool’s AI-driven features make users feel more confident in their writing by removing any doubts they may have had. Writers and content producers of all stripes will find Wordtune an indispensable resource. is a copywriting tool driven by artificial intelligence that helps organizations produce high-quality, persuasive content. It does not demand a credit card and is thus free. The tool employs cookies to customize the user experience and advertising purposes. The website use cookies for both GDPR compliance and bot detection. The data collected by the application is then utilized to create statistical reports and heatmaps, which provide insight into user navigation and actions on the website. The program employs cookies to keep track of the user’s chosen language and server cluster. This improves the quality of the user experience and the ads they see.

Hypotenuse AI

Use a few keywords, and Hypotenuse AI will generate unique, intelligent content for you, whether it’s an article, a product description, or social media copy. With features like Shopify support, an API, and several price tiers, the AI Product Description Generator is a full-featured platform for creating automated product descriptions. Image generation, content detective, batch generation, search engine optimization and electronic commerce, writing and brainstorming, summarizing, paid advertising and social networking, and integrations are all available on the platform. Hypotenuse makes it easy to produce high-quality material backed by solid research. From brainstorming ideas for material to collaborating on full campaigns with AI, it simplifies and streamlines the writing process for its customers.


Create SEO-friendly content fast and effortlessly with artificial intelligence and Writesonic. It’s a free service that helps people create content for their blogs, social media, and e-commerce platforms like Shopify. The software also includes a paraphrase generator that can quickly rewrite lengthy text passages.


Rytr is an AI writing helper that expedites the creation of high-quality material while reducing costs. The tool leverages cutting-edge language AI to produce fresh, original content in 40+ use cases and 30+ languages for almost any industry. Rytr’s rich-text editor, rewording and shortening tools, plagiarism checking, and formatting choices are just a few of the comprehensive capabilities available to users. As a cherry on top, Rytr provides a browser plugin for emails, documents, social media, and team billing and project management features.


Paraphraser is an artificial intelligence-based freemium product. While the premium membership of the earlier tool only allowed processing of 1000 words, the premium membership of this one permits paraphrasing of up to 1500 words. This software makes it possible to efficiently and quickly paraphrase large amounts of text. This program uses a paraphrase engine built on Natural Language Processing (NLP) to aid with the actual paraphrasing. Keeping the original text’s context while rephrasing is how this program achieves its human-level and comprehensible output.


WordAi is a state-of-the-art AI-powered article rewriter that instantly transforms information into new, original, high-quality writing. Spelling and grammatical errors are eliminated, and lengthy, rambling words are condensed into concise, easy-to-understand phrases. Because it employs sophisticated machine learning algorithms to decipher the meaning of each word and phrase, it may reorganize information from scratch to boost originality and readability. WordAi can generate a plethora of alternative wordings for the same concept, helping to avoid plagiarism and delivering superb copy alternatives when you’re stuck for words.

Spin Cheif

Spinner Chief is an all-inclusive paraphrase tool because of its extensive functions. In addition to a solid free option, premium subscriptions cater to groups of users. Also, unlike other software programs, you may pay once and have access forever. With the tool’s bulk upload and export features, you can manage vast amounts of data, and it guarantees that each rewrite will result in entirely new, original material. There are other features, such as a grammar checker and a summary tool, and the AI may break down lengthy phrases to make them easier to read. And the variety of languages it supports will please those who don’t live in English-speaking nations.

Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter is distinct from online paraphrasing programs because it requires a download before use. This makes it unique among rewriting tools because it does not need an active internet connection. The program has a Word-like writing tool with an in-built grammar checker, giving you hundreds of choices for customizing the paraphrase settings. You may also submit content in bulk, create projects, and play around with your writing in unique ways, such as by generating random spins or cleaning up the reel. Ideal for individuals who need to write while traveling.


AISEO is another alternative paraphrase tool that mostly functions as a Chrome addon. It may be used as a paraphrasing tool or as an AI-generated text generator that creates material with SEO in mind. The paraphraser is available online without downloading a Chrome extension, and you may start using it as soon as you enter any text into the tool. Shortening and lengthening the text, shifting the tone, and increasing the originality level are available choices for fine-tuning your content. I particularly liked that you could import text from a URL. These perks are reserved for subscribers to more expensive tiers.


Paraphrasing is only one of many helpful strategies at your disposal. The paraphrase tool in EditPad is adequate for rewriting brief and extended passages. There’s a student discount since it’s designed for young people. More than 17 languages are available, and you may choose from various writing styles and upload your text files. In addition to the standard grammar checks and spelling, there are several generators for unique fonts, titles, and citations and numerous translation tools (including Wingdings).


Frase is an artificial intelligence writing and SEO application that may facilitate several processes associated with producing written material. It doesn’t need you to know how to code, and it’s free. The artificial intelligence writing tools include a sentence rewriter, summary generator, value proposition generator, slogan generator, description generator, paraphrasing tool, blog title generator, and description generator. Various forms of content need multiple tools, but they all make it simple and fast to create content that stands out and captivates an audience. Moreover, Frase provides several tools, such as a Live Product Walkthrough, blog, crash course, and help center.

Developers may add natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to their apps with the help of, an artificial intelligence (AI) toolkit. Named-entity recognition (NER), sentiment analysis, text categorization, summarization, question answering, text creation, and language detection are only some of the NLP API features included in the toolkit. It also has a plagiarism detector and writing assistance that uses AI to rewrite the text in many languages using a paraphrase API. The toolkit is simple to include with other programs since it requires a single API. Zapier, Google Apps, Google Sheets, and Google Forms are some prominent apps it can communicate with.


Rephrasely is an AI-driven platform that facilitates the effortless rewriting and paraphrasing of text in over a hundred languages. With Rephrasely, you may change text while keeping the meaning intact, thanks to its 12 free options. Options for avoiding plagiarism, rephrasing, and paraphrasing are all available in each presentation style. Moreover, users may check for plagiarism in fifty or more languages and construct material from keywords in any language. To help its customers locate the best words and expressions for their writing requirements, Rephrasely uses cutting-edge AI to produce text variants. The software has a summarizer, a grammar checker, a mode to simplify the text, and a sentence shortener to help users choose the best words that fit their statement.


Professional writers, bloggers, and content producers may benefit greatly from Wrytr, an AI-powered article-generation tool. An unlimited content generator, relevant images are automatically grabbed, posts are made to WordPress with a single click, and the tool’s robust rich-text editor features a built-in writing assistant to help users with grammar, sentence structure, and word choice. Wrytr’s AI content generator also enables users to produce informative pieces that boost their online profile across all media. Wrytr’s flexibility allows it to serve customers in various specializations by providing customized research tools and materials.


Grammarly is an internet service that uses artificial intelligence to help people become better writers. It instantly corrects any grammar, spelling, punctuation, clarity, style, or tone errors you may have made. Across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, Grammarly works flawlessly with more than 500,000 applications and websites. It has several useful tools, including a citation maker, an essay checker, and a grammar, spelling, punctuation, and plagiarism detector. Grammarly is intended to be used by anyone: people, groups, organizations, and schools. It offers several various packages to choose from. In addition to its editing software, Grammarly provides many other resources, including a developer’s blog, an education blog, a business blog, and a tech blog.


Check your work for spelling and grammatical errors in over 30 languages with LanguageTool, a free online proofreading tool. It has several useful tools for personal or professional use, such as an automatic grammar checker, a personal dictionary, text quality ratings, and more. In addition to its mobile and desktop programs for iOS, macOS, and Windows, it also provides email addons for Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, and Thunderbird. Plugins for Google Docs, Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and the browsers above are included.


Paperpal is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered online academic writing tool and grammar checker created to guide researchers in improving the quality of their written work by spotting grammar and spelling mistakes and offering detailed recommendations for correction immediately. Paperpal employs state-of-the-art machine learning, honed on millions of editorial fixes, to provide writers with real-time, topic-relevant language suggestions. The software offers free, unlimited revisions, rechecks, and checks for key rejection characteristics to decrease the likelihood of desk rejections.


Multilings is an AI-powered service that translates text, checks for plagiarism, fixes grammar, creates citations, writes content, and converts voices. Fast, precise, and secure translations that seem natural to the target audience benefit from using Multilings, which supports more than 75 input and output languages. The plagiarism detector is quick and accurate, allowing you to modify any text before releasing it to the public. Articles, essays, product descriptions, category descriptions, SEO keywords, and titles are all generated by Multilings’ artificial intelligence.

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