Best AI Video Enhancer Tools/Apps in 2023

Whether via music videos, live streaming, movies, or even short vlogs, we all know how crucial images can be in grabbing and engaging an audience. Because of this, it is important to ensure the graphics are as striking as possible.

With the introduction of specialist video enhancer software, improving the quality of video recordings has been easier and quicker. This software may enhance films taken with webcams, cellphones, or video cameras’ resolution, brightness, and sharpness, in addition to providing a host of other functions like noise reduction and color optimization.

These technologies, made possible by modern technology, make it simple to create a high-quality video without the need for post-production expertise. Therefore be sure to use these software solutions to transform common films into professional-looking projects without going through a laborious editing procedure.

Some of the top tools and features for enhancing videos are listed below:


Anybody wishing to improve their films should use HitPaw Video Enhancer AI. It uses the Denoise Model, Animation Model, and Face Model, three different models, and AI technology to significantly raise the quality of the movies.

The Denoise Model helps to brighten and clean up the low-light and otherwise subpar video. The Animation Model sharpens and colors vintage anime footage to make it more realistic on high-definition displays. The Face Model makes brightness, color saturation, and contrast adjustments to give portraits in each video frame a retouched appearance.

Wondershare Filmora

The outstanding video enhancer tool Wondershare Filmora is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems and provides a wealth of audio and video effects in addition to 50+ supported international formats, including 4K editing. The software is ideal for small enterprises, studios, and educational institutions since it gives users access to cutting-edge video editing tools and Filmstock effects.

Also, its AI portrait capability makes it simple for users to identify people in the video, greatly reducing editing time. If you want to make high-quality films quickly and easily, Wondershare Filmora is a great option.


Another excellent video enhancer that blends user friendliness and machine intelligence is AVCLabs. AVCLabs employs deep-compression computation to automatically eliminate artifacts that often lower video quality, one of the tool’s distinctive features. You can dramatically increase a low-quality video’s resolution to a stunning 4K or 8K in minutes.

Moreover, its AI-enabled functions enhance facial characteristics while the face moves, isolating and removing any unwelcome noise from videos. It makes sense that professional film producers like this software since it consistently delivers outcomes that are above and above.


A potent upscaling tool created by Topaz Labs, Topaz Video Enhance AI intelligently employs ground-breaking machine learning technology to improve the resolution of movies up to 8K. Along with upscaling films, this software can restore, denoise, deinterlace, and perform editing functions, including cutting and slow-motion effects. The tool allows users total flexibility in increasing video quality with astounding accuracy and precision.

The Topaz AI video restoration technology is an effective tool. It enables accurate and effective repairs since it has been trained by many videos. Regardless of the source of your video, you may use Topaz to check for flaws and faults, modify colors, reduce flicker, and sharpen blurry regions. The in-built AI engine can accurately identify these problems, providing high-quality, natural outcomes.


Lightworks offers a better video editing alternative for users of all skill levels. This is a fantastic tool for any user to have in their toolbox because of its many capabilities, which include 10-bit output, sophisticated tilting, and motion graphics. Even better, it enables plugins like NewBlue and TotalFX that may add a special flair to users’ very difficult work.

If more than the basic version is needed, Lightworks also provides a pro edition with the specialist tools experts need to complete challenging tasks. Streamers, filmmakers, and content producers will all be well-equipped to realize their vision with this software’s robust but user-friendly editing capabilities.


A great set of tools for editing video is called Clipchamp. Complex editing operations may be easily carried out online using the power of cloud technology. Whether you want to include pictures, movies, or audio files, Clipchamp can easily combine everything into one document.

Also, users can add any desired text and effects and save the altered file locally on their computer if they need to access it again in the future. With all these capabilities, Clipchamp makes it simple to produce and edit visually compelling material with little effort.


For those who like video editing and want to produce high-quality films on a budget, Shotcut is a great option. This robust open-source and free video editor offers several sophisticated capabilities often only available in more costly software, enabling users to create excellent results with little effort.

It’s never been easier or more affordable to export 4K resolution films, opening up exciting new opportunities for your projects. Every project may benefit from adding special effects like blur and fish-eye correction and using Shotcut make this process quite simple. Check Shotcut out right now to start generating beautiful movies quickly and easily.


Choose Pixop if you want AI upscaling to enhance the quality of your movies. Cutting-edge neural network technology used by this software produces some of the most realistic and detailed results currently on the market. This feat is even more impressive because Pixop is automated, requiring users to choose the file they want to upscale and leave the rest to Pixop.

Additionally, Pixop continually delivers the greatest outcomes thanks to frequent upgrades, including new features and enhancements. Consider giving Pixop a try if you want thorough video upscaling provided easily.

DaVinci Resolve 18

For pros or aspiring producers looking to elevate their films, DaVinci Resolve 18 is a fantastic tool. This software includes several features aimed at producing better outcomes in addition to its powerful video quality booster capabilities.

Although its color grading and audio enhancement features give up a world of possibilities for audio-visual customization, its keyframing and cutting tools enable users to fine-tune the smaller aspects of films with exceptional accuracy. DaVinci Resolve 18 is a fantastic option for producing expert material, whether it is for personal or business purposes.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Windows and Mac versions of this software are available to improve video quality. This video editing software is intended for experts only. It includes a variety of effects that you may choose from and apply to your footage, much like other applications. Moreover, Premiere Pro provides Premiere Rush, becoming a common video editing software. With the help of tools like color correction, built-in presets, and audio adjustments, you can enhance the quality of your videos. With this tool, you may employ stabilizer technology to eliminate unwanted camera shaking, and careful fine-tuning can give your video project the appearance you want.

DVDFab Video Enhancer AI

One of the best AI video upscaling tools is this tool for enhancing video resolution. This software employs algorithms to enhance the quality of video and picture details. Moreover, it suggests the use of artificial intelligence to improve video resolution. You may use this software to edit any video since it supports a wide range of formats. Also, it features a straightforward UI and might be a terrific option to enhance the quality of your video clips and images.


CyberLink created the well-known video editing and enhancement software PowerDirector. Anybody, from novices to experts, may use it to make video editing simple and accessible. To assist users in producing films that seem professional, PowerDirector provides several features and tools. Various tools for color grading and correction, video stabilization, noise reduction, lens correction, audio enhancement, video effects, transitions, audio editing, support for 360-degree video, and multi-camera editing are included.

Other advanced capabilities in the software, such as motion graphics, chroma-keying, and color grading, enable users to produce more intricate and sophisticated films. Windows users have access to PowerDirector, which has a variety of payment choices, including a free trial and a subscription-based model with varying degrees of feature and content access.

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