BetterYou welcomes research linking low vitamin D levels to asthma attacks

A daily oral sunshine spray could be the answer to halving the risk of severe asthma attacks, after a recent study suggested that taking a vitamin D supplement can help by reducing inflammation in the lungs and warding off viruses.

The review, led by experts at Queen Mary University of London found that people who took vitamin D supplements alongside their normal medication saw the risk of a severe attack fall from 6 per cent to 3 per cent.

BetterYou, who specialise in a range of oral vitamin D sprays offering convenience and guaranteed absorption for people of all ages, say the research highlights the growing number of diseases that are being linked to low vitamin D levels.

More than five million Britons (including a million children) suffer with asthma, an inflammatory disease of the airways which causes breathlessness and wheezing – resulting in over 1,000 deaths each year.

Steroid tablets are commonly prescribed for those with severe asthma, which can have harmful side effects.

This latest research demonstrates that vitamin D could provide an effective accompanying treatment for all asthma sufferers, reducing the amount of steroid medication prescribed.  

Andrew Thomas, founder and managing director at BetterYou, said:

We’ve been pioneering oral vitamin D spray supplementation for many years and we are overwhelmed with feedback from customers who tell us how supplementation has helped a range of extremely varied conditions.

As an asthmatic myself, I used to rely heavily on conventional medicines. However, supplementing vitamin D through a spray which guarantees absorption, has significantly improved my quality of life and means that I very rarely have to use my steroid inhalers now.

Unfortunately, modern indoor lifestyles and processed foods are combining to lead us into a vitamin D epidemic. Many diseases and common health conditions could simply be avoided with a daily dose of vitamin D.

There is growing evidence to suggest that vitamin D deficiency may be responsible for triggering a range of diseases, including several cancers, MS and diabetes, and that achieving higher vitamin D levels can provide resistance to these.

Multiple clinical trials have found that oral vitamin sprays elevate serum vitamin D levels on average 50% faster than traditional tablets and capsules.

Researchers at Cardiff University, when testing BetterYou’s DLux vitamin D oral sprays, found that absorption within the mouth was far superior to the more traditional digestive route of tablets and capsules.

BetterYou is supporting Vitamin D Awareness Week (24-30 October 2016) and aims to eradicate vitamin D deficiency in the UK by 2020.