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6 Ways You Can Leverage Consumer Psychology to Drive More Sales


The modern-day consumer differs a lot from those of even 20 years ago. We’re used to online marketing now, and we consider the internet a part of everyday life. However, we are still driven Below, we look at six ways in which you can use psychology to drive sales, and you may be surprised how easy it can be.

Novelty aspect

People enjoy the unusual. If you have a niche product, you can appeal to the love of novelty that’s within each of us. This is a particularly useful method when selling fashion items or marketing a product that has a specific appeal. One method of enhancing novelty and drawing in customers is to market a “limited edition.” This combines novelty with exclusivity, another lever that drives customers, giving the customer something they see as special and personal. 

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The pleasure principle

Pleasure is a natural desire in each of us, and when we feel good about a potential purchase, we are more likely to buy. A customer wants to walk away happy with their new item or the service you’ve provided, so look for ways to assure them that buying from you will enhance their pleasure. Tell them how this will happen and why and emphasize the feeling that they will get from closing the deal.

Human touch

Tell the reader a story, a human story that relates to the product or service on offer. Tell them how it enhanced someone’s life, how it made them happy, and make it clear that someone, somewhere has gained a lot A neat and successful way of keeping your potential customers interested is to hold something back. Don’t tell them everything up front, but rather, create a tale that leads somewhere. As Five Channels reports, consumer psychology is about playing with “subconscious needs and habits to influence purchasing decisions,” and that has a lot to do with inspiring curiosity. From your home or landing page, ensure there’s something that makes the reader want to click further, and when they do you can give them that extra information they need to clinch the deal. This is a great way of providing consumer engagemen, and it also works with the next point.

The big build-up

Think about big consumer brands and how they handle a product launch. You’ll hear about the new product a long time before you see it. They build the anticipation In the days before the internet, a new shop, service or product would gain momentum not just Related: How Convenience Is Marking a New Wave in the Service Industry

The above are just six ways in which you can use customers’ natural desire to be satisfied and pleased by the products and services they purchase, so have a close look at your marketing material and online content right now and see just how you can use these traits to boost your business.


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