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Digital process automation tools

One way to think about DPA tools is to use Forrester’s schema of DPA Deep and DPA Wide.

DPA Deep tools tend to be better suited for building long-running processes. These often build on traditional business process modeling practices and case management capabilities and are ideal for industries like banking, insurance and healthcare with strong process requirements. Representative vendors include traditional BPMS and case management vendors such as Appian, Bizagi, Bonitasoft, Genpact, IBM, Kofax, OpenText and Pegasystems.

DPA Wide tools are better suited for rapid development of automated process platforms. These tools have strong process modeling and orchestration capabilities, low-code tools that are useable DPA tools might combine low-code/no-code workflows with RPA, AI, machine learning and business rules engine capabilities for building out more sophisticated workflows. They can include features such as automation capabilities, notifications or application development tools.


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