Heart Disease Risk Quiz

What Do You Know About Heart Disease Risk?

Knowing what causes heart disease and how you can prevent it can help you live a longer, healthier life. Take this quiz to find out more about reducing your risk for heart disease.

1. There's nothing you can do to prevent heart disease.
2. Smokers are more likely to have heart disease than nonsmokers.
3. Some risk factors for heart disease can't be changed.
4. High total cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease.
5. You have to exercise at least one hour a day to reduce your risk of heart disease.
6. Drinking three or four alcoholic drinks each day can reduce your risk of heart disease.
7. High blood pressure can put your heart at risk.
8. An average of 100,000 Americans die from heart attacks every year.
9. Someone who has had a heart attack is at increased risk of having another.
10. You can't exercise if you have heart disease.
11. Being overweight increases your risk of heart disease.
12. Young women have the same risk of heart disease as young men.
13. Emotions don't affect your risk of heart disease.
14. Your diet doesn't affect your risk of heart disease.
15. No tests can diagnose coronary heart disease.