Healthy Snacks Quiz

Take the Healthy Snacks Quiz

Don’t feel guilty about snacking! Eating small, frequent meals can help you control your weight and stay fueled throughout the day. Just make sure your snacks—and those you serve your kids—are nutritious. Find out more about healthy snacking by taking the following quiz.

1. One way to limit the size of your snacks is to buy food packaged in single servings.
2. You can snack more freely if your snacks are healthy.
3. Snacking can have an impact not only on your weight, but also on your teeth.
4. Baby carrots and sugar snap peas are good choices for snacks—and they help boost your daily veggie intake.
5. Pudding is a healthy snack if you make it with low-fat or skim milk.
6. Baked tortilla chips are a low-fat snack that also provides fiber.
7. Snacking late at night is one sure way to pack on the pounds.
8. One handy after-school snack for kids is a fruit kabob, a mix of fresh fruit and cheese.