Overactive Bladder Quiz

How Much Do You Know About an Overactive Bladder?

Overactive bladder is a health problem that can have a debilitating effect on nearly every part of daily living. It can cause isolation, depression, guilt, denial, fatigue from sleeplessness, work absenteeism, and problems with relationships.

1. Going to the bathroom more than eight times a day is normal.
2. Certain types of medication can be a cause of OAB.
3. Overactive bladder is just another name for incontinence—people who lose control of their bladder and "wet" themselves.
4. Overactive bladder is only a problem for older women.
5. Only older women experience loss of bladder control during exercise.
6. Restricting fluid intake is a good way to limit the frequent need to use the bathroom.
7. Bladder problems do not significantly affect intimate relationships.
8. Bladder control problems can profoundly affect work performance and enjoyment of social activities.
9. Not much can be done for overactive bladder.