A teenager’s dying wish for a date to her prom has been granted as her friends brought the party to her hospital bedside.

Katelyn Norman, who has been told she will die from bone cancer, has drawn up a list of her final wishes, which included a slow dance, a last kiss and a date to prom.

But when the 14-year-old was airlifted to hospital after struggling to breathe Tuesday, her relatives and classmates, who were gathering for the function in Tennessee, brought the prom to her.

Katelyn’s friends brought her balloons, music and her well-dressed date to her bedside. 

She was pictured grinning as her date bent down to her hospital bed to present her with her corsage.

While friends and relatives celebrated with Katelyn inside the hospital ward, thousands lined Highway 63 as part of a candle-lit vigil for the courageous teen.

Last week, doctors told Katelyn there was nothing more they could do after the osteosarcoma, an aggressive bone cancer that she has been fighting for two years, spread to her heart, arteries, pelvis and spine.

The teenager wrote a bucket list of activities she wants to complete before she dies.

As well as attending the prom, Katelyn wants to learn to drive, get a Marilyn Monroe piercing and spend a day with each of her three siblings.

Katelyn’s mother Erica Nelson said they hoped to do as many activities as possible during her daughter’s final days at home.

“I just want to give her what she isn’t going to see and just try to fulfill what she wants to do,” Nelson said.
“It’s not really much, but it’s something to her.”.

Katelyn’s cancer was discovered in 2011. X-rays revealed she had cancer in her arm and nodules in the lungs. Bone transplants, surgeries of tissue ligaments and chemo for her lungs have failed to eliminate the disease.

Kristi Buckner in North Carolina set up a fundraising page to fund the student’s final wishes.

“Katelyn has touched so many people and has been an inspiration, she has brought an entire community together,” it writes. “Will you help us fulfil her bucket list?”

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