Buddy: HRC is getting desperate. Nurses/EMT’s/Firefighters/Military/Veterans/Police/Blue Collar Workers/Police/Border Patrol/Independents all swinging to Trump, She calls them all DEPLORABLE, “Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Xenophobic, Islamaphobic” .BUT, If U can fork up $50K 4 plate dinner R bring a suitcase full of CASH 4 HRC “You Are WITH HER” All HRC respects is $!

Wanna talk deplorable? Given that there’s been entire books dedicated to Hillary’s deplorable actions lies it’s a new low, even for her, to attack 152,000,000 Americans. HRC is getting desperate indeed.

What sad, elitist ignorance as Hillary AND HER RICH FANS LAUGH Call Trump Supporters ’Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Xenophobic, Islamaphobic’ along with the rich MSM elites in DC both coast thinking the same. Amazing. Hillary calls illegals “Americans” but her “basket of deplorables,” ARE NOT America. This woman is deranged.

Even Matt Lauer has joined the #basketofdeplorables because he dared to ask a question about her emails scandal lies. The media went crazy for Romney’s “binders of women 47%.” I doubt they’ll feel the same outrage at “baskets of deplorables.”

What contrast! Trump unites. Positive message. HRC insults Trump supporters. Spreads hate divide just like Obama all of MSM. Vs

Trump: “We are all equal and we all come from the same Creator… There is nothing we as Americans can’t do.” We put a man on the moon, we dug and built the Panama Canal, we won WWI WWII, surely we can rebuild our inner cities, roads bridges and provide for a good education and job for all Americans.”

You know what’s #deplorable? Hillary peddling Govt access to foreign nations for her own personal enrichment while selling out America!

You know what’s #deplorable? Attacking hard working Americans, upset because their jobs have been sent abroad by politicians like Hillary.

Who supports Hillary. Mateen his father that executed all the gays in Orlando, Bill Cosby his fellow Hollywood eites, all the rich on wall st. All the DC establishment supported by the rich lobbyist making DC the richest metro area in the US, BLM, Black Panthers, Illegals, etc.Hillary supporters include terrorists, drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes, illegal aliens, felons transgenders.

Sorry if we hard working taxpayers trying to make ends meet who are making less now than 8 yrs ago are “deplorables” Hillary. Maybe we can’t get paid $250,000 by Wall Street or $750,000 for an 20 min speech to buy our influence like you Bill have done selling out America, its people and its assets to line you own pockets.

But you hard working taxpaying American citizens just trying to make ends meet, obeying the law not out stealing, looting burning down business cop cars our flag are just “DEPLORABLE BITTER CLINGERS’ hanging on to your constitutional rights to defend your self, LOVE YOUR COUNTRY FLAG 7 BE PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN AND PROUD OF ALL SHE STANDS FOR AND ALL THAT FOUGHT TO KEEP US FREE and read your Bible even pray. Hillary and libs and the libs on the court want to take all that away from you and turn us into a Venezuela.