How A Mom And Daughter Are Helping People Struggling With Infertility

After witnessing her daughter’s fertility struggles, Pamela Hirsch wanted to help others facing the same issues.

Hirsch and her daughter, Nicole Lawson, are the co-founders of Baby Quest, a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving financial assistance to those who can’t afford procedures to help them become parents, including in vitro fertilization and gestational surrogacy. In a video that is part of Today’s “Hope To It” series, Lawson touched on her experience with infertility, which inspired the organization.

“When you want a baby, it’s the one thing that you can’t control and that’s what’s so frustrating,” she said.

After watching her daughter endure four years of fertility treatments and three miscarriages, Hirsch mentioned surrogacy. Lawson said she and her husband, Josh, couldn’t afford it. Hirsch helped out financially, and now her daughter is a mother of two girls. Through Baby Quest, the mother-daughter duo now offers help so others (including same sex couples and singles) can become parents through grants and donations that help facilitate procedures like in vitro fertilization and gestational surrogacy.

“To know that we’ve helped fulfill a dream of theirs has been truly rewarding,” Hirsch said.

This “rewarding” experience includes helping welcome 16 babies into the world over the last three years. Seven more are on the way.

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