How Cape Verde eliminated malaria

Cape Verde is the third African country to eliminate malaria

Cape Verde is the third African country to eliminate malaria

Cape Verde, a small island nation located off the coast of West Africa, has achieved a significant milestone in the fight against malaria. It has become the third African country to eliminate malaria, following in the footsteps of Mauritius and Seychelles.

The success story of Cape Verde

Cape Verde’s success in eliminating malaria can be attributed to its strong commitment to public health and effective implementation of various malaria control strategies. The country has made significant progress in reducing malaria cases over the past few decades.

Key factors contributing to Cape Verde’s success

  • Strong leadership: Cape Verde’s government has shown strong commitment and leadership in the fight against malaria. They have implemented comprehensive malaria control programs and provided necessary resources to combat the disease.
  • Effective surveillance and response: Cape Verde has established a robust surveillance system to detect and respond to malaria cases promptly. This has helped in preventing the spread of the disease and ensuring timely treatment for affected individuals.
  • Improved access to healthcare: The country has made significant investments in improving access to healthcare services, including malaria diagnosis and treatment facilities. This has ensured that individuals with malaria receive appropriate care and treatment.
  • Community involvement: Cape Verde has actively engaged communities in malaria control efforts. This includes raising awareness about prevention measures, distributing insecticide-treated bed nets, and promoting community-led initiatives to reduce mosquito breeding sites.

The impact of eliminating malaria

The elimination of malaria in Cape Verde has had a profound impact on the country’s health and economy. It has improved the overall well-being of the population, reduced healthcare costs, and increased productivity. Additionally, it has boosted tourism, as Cape Verde is now considered a malaria-free destination.

Continued efforts and challenges

While Cape Verde has achieved a significant milestone in eliminating malaria, it is crucial to maintain vigilance and sustain efforts to prevent the reintroduction of the disease. The country needs to continue investing in surveillance, research, and capacity building to ensure long-term success.


Cape Verde’s achievement in eliminating malaria serves as an inspiration for other African countries. It demonstrates that with strong leadership, effective strategies, and community involvement, malaria can be successfully controlled and eventually eliminated. The success of Cape Verde should encourage other nations to intensify their efforts in the fight against malaria, ultimately leading to a malaria-free Africa.