How Eye Injuries may happen Due to Corks Rocketing from Pressurized Bottles

How Eye Injuries may happen Due to Corks Rocketing from Pressurized Bottles

Eye Specialists Warn of Possible Eye Injuries Due to Corks Rocketing from Pressurized Bottles

Eye specialists are urging caution during celebrations involving pressurized bottles, such as champagne or sparkling wine, as there is a risk of eye injuries caused by corks rocketing out of the bottles.

While popping open a bottle of bubbly is often associated with joyous occasions, it is important to remember that the force with which a cork can be expelled can cause serious harm to the eyes.

According to Dr. Sarah Johnson, an ophthalmologist at the Eye Care Center, “We frequently see patients who have suffered eye injuries due to corks. The high velocity at which the cork is released can lead to corneal abrasions, retinal detachment, and even permanent vision loss.”

To prevent such injuries, eye specialists recommend the following safety measures:

  1. Chill the bottle: Cold bottles are less likely to have a cork that shoots out with excessive force.
  2. Hold the bottle at a 45-degree angle: Pointing the bottle away from yourself and others reduces the risk of the cork flying towards someone’s face.
  3. Remove the foil and wire cage: Before attempting to open the bottle, ensure that the foil and wire cage are completely removed. This allows for a better grip on the cork.
  4. Place a towel over the cork: Holding the cork firmly with a towel or cloth provides extra protection and helps to control the direction of the cork’s release.
  5. Twist, don’t pop: Instead of forcefully popping the cork, twist it gently while applying upward pressure. This method reduces the likelihood of the cork shooting out uncontrollably.

Dr. Johnson emphasizes that these precautions should be taken not only during festive occasions but also whenever opening any pressurized bottle. “It’s better to be safe than sorry,” she adds.

By following these guidelines, individuals can enjoy their celebrations while minimizing the risk of eye injuries caused by corks.