For the study, researchers collected data via online survey from 52,000 straight, gay, and bisexual men and women, ages 18 to 65. The survey asked participants about various aspects of their sex lives including how often they and their partner reached the O zone when they were intimate. The survey takers then answered on a scale of one (never) to five (always). Fun fact: Researchers found that straight women were the least likely to orgasm of any of the participants, which shocked pretty much no one.

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Now here’s where things get super interesting. To find out which factors correlated with fireworks in the sack, researchers asked the group about how often they received oral sex, talked about sex, and how satisfied they were with their relationship.

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The researchers found that straight, lesbian, and bisexual ladies who orgasmed almost every time they got down were all:

  • Having more oral sex
  • Enjoying sex sessions lasting more than 15 minutes
  • Asking for what they want in bed
  • Praising their partner’s moves in the bedroom
  • Sending or recieving sexually suggestive messages via text or phone call
  • Wearing sexy lingerie
  • Trying new sex positions
  • Experimenting with anal stimulation
  • Expressing their sexual fantasies
  • Engaging in dirty talk and verbally expressing their love during sex
  • Experiencing more satisfaction with their relationship (duh)

Sounds like quite the fun fest—if you’re a multitasker. However, you’ll be relieved to know that for 80 percent of straight women, all it took was this trifecta to help them orgasm every time: oral sex, manual genital stimulation, and deep kissing. Penetration, shmenitration. (Take things up a notch further with these Luna Femme Training Beads from the Women’s Health Boutique.)

Though scientists don’t say why these three tweaks specifically lead to a higher likelihood of orgasm, they suggest that one of the reasons lesbians have more orgasms is because their sex is focused solely on pleasure—not making a baby. So maybe getting lost in the moment is key for scoring your ticket to O town.