How to Ignite Your Personal Power in Two Simple Steps

In order to begin creating a life that you want there is one necessary requirement to accept. You must accept complete and total, one hundred percent responsibility for your life experience.

This is a very common sticking point to the average individual. Think about it, is it easier to blame everything around you for your misfortunes? Or is it easier to accept that life is the way you have chosen to create it? Of course it’s easier to place blame anywhere other than yourself.

Creation is impossible until this idea of complete responsibility is totally embraced.

If you don’t think that you’re responsible for your life experience, how could you possibly create something different? I understand that it’s tough, but it’s a requirement.

Here’s a list of where a lot of us place the responsibility for our lives. Check yourself by it and see if you’ve been placing others in charge of your life:

  • The government
  • Your parents
  • Your employer
  • Your school
  • The ‘hand you were dealt’
  • Your genes
  • Your ancestors

Whenever you blame something outside of yourself for the way your life currently is, you are giving your power away. You convince yourself that you have no power, and that there’s nothing you can do because you aren’t in control.

This false idea could not be further from the truth. The truth is that you are an extremely powerful being with vast reservoirs of potential untapped within you. Deep down you know this, but you also recognise that developing this vast potential won’t be the easy path in life. You know that giving your power away, and playing the victim role, is the easier path. You recognise that accepting responsibility for your life is a big step from where you currently are.

Perhaps it’s the opposite though. Perhaps life is much harder when you deny who you really are, when you deny your true power, instead of rising up and taking control of your life.

You may have had a tough and unfair life up to this point but understand that that is quite irrelevant. It doesn’t matter what’s happened in the past, and it’s pointless to use that as an excuse for why you’re dissatisfied with your life today. Accept that your life was the way it was, and now is the way it is, and if anything is to change it is completely up to you.

How You Give Your Power Away

Throughout the early years of our lives, we’ve been taught to give our power away. We have been taught that events and circumstances outside of us have power over our lives. We were taught that it is completely natural to react to whatever is happening around us. We were taught that you cannot control your responses to the world.

All of these ideas are incredibly limiting.

The fact is, we are all in complete control of our lives regardless of our circumstances. Anytime you allow something outside of yourself to affect your mood or thoughts, you are giving your power away.

Let’s look at a few examples:

  • You’re driving in your car, and the driver in the lane next to you suddenly swerves into your lane and cuts you off. This makes you feel angry and frustrated.
  • You’re at a restaurant and you receive very poor service from the wait staff. This irritates you and ruins your evening.
  • You’re having lunch with a friend and this friend only talks about the bad things happening in her life. This makes you feel depressed and down yourself.

In all of these examples, you placed your inner emotional state at the mercy of uncontrollable situations. It’s apparent that you don’t have any direct control over what happens around you, but you do have control over your response to what happens around you.

The vast majority of the world will only react their entire lives. They are like pinballs being bounced from bumper to bumper as the happenings of their life control who they are. Imagine what it would be like to always feel calm, collected, and happy, regardless of what’s going on in your life.

There really are no “problems” in our reality, but only problems inside our own minds. We think of problems and difficulty and sure enough, that’s exactly what the Universe delivers.

Increase Your Awareness

If you wish to begin creating a life of your choosing then it’s necessary that you increase your awareness of how you’re currently thinking.

You can accomplish this in a variety of ways, but the most effective that I’ve found is meditation. By quieting the mind and becoming aware of what’s going on inside your mind for just ten or fifteen minutes a day, you increase your awareness throughout your day. The more you increase your awareness, the more you grow. Meditation is the act of sitting quietly and observing your thoughts without getting involved.

You can also carry a small notebook with you wherever you go, and use it as a tool for raising your awareness. Anytime you notice that you’re feeling bad, stop whatever you’re doing, and open up your notebook. Explore the feeling of negativity and trace it back to its cause. At the root of every negative feeling you’ll find that it is nothing other than a situation where you have given your power away.

By using both of these practices you will begin to see just how often you give your power away. Even with practice you’ll still give your power away at times, but you’ll certainly get better over time. As you increase your ability to choose a response, you increase your ability to create a life of your choosing.