I ‘died’ after being struck down with sepsis

I ‘died’ after being struck down with sepsis – angels took me to a really unexpected place

  • David Hanzel, 57, said he was guided by two ‘beings’ to a heavenly pub 
  • The self-proclaimed ‘ghost whisperer’ claimed he knew he was going to die 
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What happens to us when we die is one question many of us are desperate to know the answer to. 

Now, a 57-year-old man has shared his own captivating experience with the ‘afterlife’, during which he claims he was taken to a pub by angels. 

David Hanzel spent two months in a coma after suffering pneumonia and sepsis in September 2015.  

The self-proclaimed spiritual medium, who lives in North Carolina, claimed he knew he was ‘going to die’ early. He told how he ‘flatlined’ and described himself as being ‘dead’ — although patients in comas are still technically alive.

The ‘ghost whisperer’ claimed he closed his eyes and when he opened them again he was in the ‘night sky’ and was eventually guided into a nearby pub.

David Hanzel was in a coma for two months after he suffered a bout of pneumonia and sepsis in September 2015 — a reaction to a life-threatening infection which can lead to tissue damage, organ failure and death

He told Daily Star: ‘I just remember closing my eyes because I was sick. And then when I opened my eyes back up, I was in this night sky. It was the most beautiful, velvety, silky night sky.

‘No clouds. No stars. No nothing. And there wasn’t a beginning or end to it.’

Mr Hanzel said he became aware of two ‘beings’, one on each side of him, who felt familiar and helped him navigate his new environment.

They showed him ‘the most beautiful, golden-white light’ surrounded by angels and ‘everything’ was travelling towards it.

Mr Hanzel claims the angels took him to a bar, which had ‘beautiful coloured bottles’ but no alcohol. 

He believes this vision occurred because you see ‘whatever you’re comfortable with’ after dying.

After leaving the pub, Mr Hanzel walked up the side of a ‘big white building’ made from marble. 

But he claims his steps were effortless and felt like he was floating.

Mr Hanzel said when he woke up from his coma, he felt ‘healed’ of his ailments and felt ‘total forgiveness’ for those who had done him wrong. 

He said he had an epiphany and that it took dying for him to understand religion.

In a video posted on his TikTok account, which has more than 90,000 followers, he admitted that he ‘does not know everything’ about the afterlife.

He said: ‘Most people who have had NDAs [near death experiences] bring back what we need to bring back in order to help us through this life.’

Mr Hanzel said ‘it’s really quite a cool experience’ but also ‘difficult’.

He added: ‘What you believe in this lifetime is pretty much going to be what you see when you leave here. But then eventually we all go to the exact same place.’

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Lynn Mildner (pictured), 69, has a vivid memory of a 'beautiful white light' and talking with her family members who have passed away Lynn Mildner (pictured), 69, has a vivid memory of a 'beautiful white light' and talking with her family members who have passed away

Lynn Mildner (pictured), 69, has a vivid memory of a ‘beautiful white light’ and talking with her family members who have passed away


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