My 32G boobs were so droopy

A woman who had back-breaking size 32G boobs, that reached down to her stomach, is unrecognisable after travelling to Turkey for a breast reduction.

Phoebe Howie, 20, from Aberdeen, Scotland, was just 12-years-old when she started having to double up on wearing bras to support her chest.

After traveling to Turkey for a breast reduction, a woman with back-breaking size 32G boobs that stretched all the way to her stomach is no longer recognizable.

When Phoebe Howie, 20, of Aberdeen, Scotland, first had to wear two bras to support her bosom, she was only 12 years old.

She wore 32F cup bras by the time she was 14 and despised her rapidly growing boobs.Phoebe was a small size six, and her 32G breasts drooped down to her stomach, giving her terrible back and shoulder discomfort and making her feel horribly self-conscious. The bar supervisor took things into her own hands by saving money and traveling to Turkey for breast reduction surgery after attempting unsuccessfully to get on the NHS waiting list for a breast reduction since she was 17 years old.

Phoebe traveled to Turkey in June of last year and spent £3,800 on a breast raise and reduction procedure that helped her go from a 32G to a 32D. I had big boobs my entire adolescent years, Phoebe continued. When I was around 12 and sporting a D-cup, I first realized they were a problem.

For added support, I would wear an exercise bra underneath a regular bra. I attended a school without uniforms, and I struggled mightily to find clothing that made me feel at ease. “Big boobs just ruined everything,” she said. While all of my peers would dress icely for gatherings and wear tops and dresses, I hid under baggy clothing and jackets.

“It was awful, and I felt so embarrassed.” Because I knew that they would ever fit my chest, I was unable to purchase clothing in regular stores or on the same websites as my peers. They also limited my freedom of mobility. Because of this, I was unable to participate in school’s physical education classes or have fun in the gym.