Offers from Eppendorf Advantage to improve laboratory efficiency

For researchers and technicians requiring the highest levels of confidence, accuracy, and reliability, the latest Eppendorf Advantageâ„¢ offers provide premium solutions for greater laboratory efficiency. Customers can benefit from savings of up to 30% off selected products, until December 2015. In line with their renowned expertise, Eppendorf continues to provide the high-quality solutions for cell biology processes.

With its renowned polymer knowledge, Eppendorf proudly offers the BioBLU® Single-Use Vessels combining all the benefits of single-use technology with the trusted performance of a stirred-tank design. BioBLU Single-Use vessels eliminate autoclaving, improve turn-around time, simplify validations, and reduce overall costs, increasing efficiency and productivity. With a choice of Adaptor Kits, customers can convert their existing autoclavable systems for use with BioBLU Single-Use Vessels and switch to single-use with minimal upfront investment.

To produce robust and reproducible results within the laboratory, reducing pipetting errors and inaccuracies is essential. The Eppendorf epMotion® 5070 and 5075 automated liquid handing systems, can help to achieve accuracy from 1 to 1,000 µL, and allows even complex tasks to be completed with minimal training.

During the promotional period, customers can also purchase the Concentrator plus with advanced heating technology and a new coated lid with superior chemical resistance. The Concentrator plus ensures your samples undergo quick, efficient, and gentle vacuum concentration.

The Centrifuge 5424 and 5424 R (refrigerated) are the new laboratory standard, coupled with an abundance of features. With their 24-place capacity and speed of up to 21,130 x g (5424 R), they are perfectly equipped for all modern molecular biology applications in tubes up to 2.0 mL. 

Finally, Eppendorf Centrifuges 5430 and 5430 R, are included during the promotional period. Both centrifuges combine the best features of a microcentrifuge (small footprint) and multipurpose centrifuge (versatility) in one instrument. When working with the refrigerated model 5430 R, researchers can be sure their samples are protected, due to the patented compressor technology which reduces vibrations and continuous cooling to maintain a constant temperature even after the run has been completed.

Want to find out how Eppendorf can improve your laboratory’s efficiency and productivity? Visit before the offer ends.