On Food And Hunger

So, here’s an example in my own life, because I luuurve guinea pigging myself out for you guys. Currently, I have a major imbalance happening in the career portion of my Primary Foods. As in, work and working has taken over my life and I create very little time for just being. I’m either AT work, working at HOME, or WORKING on work so that I can work. Granted, this is an unusual time for me. I have a fulltime job, I am in school becoming a health coach, I am setting up my business, and I am dedicating time to developing this blog along with a slew of other writing projects. I am WORKING on a lot. And DUH, this is causing a major wave of overworked exhaustion and resentment to set in. After a long day of working hard, I come home overwhelmed and with more work to do along with a never ending list of chores and tasks to simply keep my life running, and I find myself seeking out ways to enjoy myself, to give myself a little serotonin boost before I crash face first. And what is the most accessible/instant/EASY method I have at my disposal? Eating. So then I start to eat, and because I’m finally enjoying myself (and getting a nice little dopamine surge in my brain), I don’t want to stop, and before I know it, I’ve had a snack attack and my pleasure has suddenly morphed into pain.