IMAGE: Joyce Tait, Director of the Innogen Institute at the University of Edinburgh.
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Credit: Innogen Institute

Joyce Tait, Innogen Founder and co-Director, has an interdisciplinary background in natural and social sciences including risk assessment and regulation, policy analysis, technology management, strategic and operational decision making in companies and public bodies. Tait speaks about re-engineering biological components through computational modelling and bio-systems design technologies and how they will require new frameworks for adaptive and responsible regulation that takes account of the relevant benefits and risks and also of the needs and wants of the full spectrum of stakeholders. It will be vital to achieve an equitable balance between promoting innovation and ensuring safety.

This talk will describe a systemic approach to risk management, uncertainty and stakeholder engagement to enable these design technologies to deliver their full potential to address today’s global challenges for human health and the future environment.


The Innogen Institute

The Innogen Institute (Institute for Innovation Generation) is a partnership between the University of Edinburgh and The Open University that produces high-quality research and supports the delivery of responsible and sustainable innovation in science and technology. Researchers at Innogen are pioneering interdisciplinary and problem-led approaches that connect people, policy and practice to deliver innovative solutions for real-world problems. Since it was founded, in 2002 as the ESRC Innogen Centre, Innogen has built a strong and unique body of work with national and international impact on the regulation and governance of innovation in science and technology.

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