The Relationship Between Food and Alcohol

Food can be a perpetrator for alcoholism.  Simply put, food may be responsible for some people’s relationship to alcohol, or, alcoholism can be caused by food.

Food tastes better when you’re drunk, for some people.  It ties into guilt, and when you drink your diet or food restrictions can get thrown to the wind.  As a result, we experience food on a new level that we can’t experience when we are sober.  Guilt for eating something “bad” like pizza doesn’t mean much when you’re drunk.

This can cause alcoholism, or an unhealthy relationship between food and alcohol, once you find yourself making a connection to food based on booze.

For example, you hit the bars with your friends, and make a stop at a taco stand after a night of drinking, and it tastes great, even though it’s the booze talking, we make a correlation or connection to that feeling of satisfaction with something we wouldn’t otherwise eat, or a connection to the feeling of food tastes better when you’re drunk.  So it carries over to your regular relationship to food.  Since you connect food to tasting better with alcohol, you find the need to drink before or while you eat.

Is it the lack of restrictions on your food regime that you are trying to relive, or do you think that food will taste better when you’re drunk, so try and relive that “this tastes amazing” reaction to food?

Alcoholisms roots are known to be in genetics, or one’s environment, among other known triggers, but, it can also have its roots in food, and the feeling you recall of food when you’re drunk, and you find yourself thinking food is only good with alcohol.

Or some other substance, like marijuana.  For whatever reason, it’s a double-edged sword.



And they are apparently too stupid to realize how easy it is to ensure they are called out for their bad behavior.



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    Last reviewed: 9 Jun 2013