This Video Is The ‘Beauty And The Beast’-‘Harry Potter’ Mashup You Didn’t Know You Needed

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In the spoof trailer, the Beast is played by Voldemort, who is scary AF on the best of days. Gaston is a Gryffindor, Chip is an elf, Belle has magical powers, and Mrs. Potts swears the Beast is “not as terrible as he appears.” (Apparently, she’s never seen the Harry Potter movies, because…) 

In the trailer, Voldemort/Beast starts acting all cool and smiling a lot while playing with birds, petting horses, and doing other nice-guy stuff, but the villagers still want to kill him. Then, Belle gets emotionally invested, and says they’re in this together. You know, a typical “sweet girl falls in love with an evil sorcerer” kind of story. Thankfully, they don’t show the two kissing, because that’s just the stuff of nightmares. But we def busted up when Voldemort showed off his “smile.” Charming! 

Check it out here: