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Nong Guang, a 41-year-old Thai woman, went in for some dermal filler injections about two years ago, hoping to diminish her wrinkles. Guang suspected something went awry during the procedure immediately following it because her face felt funny and squishy. However, she waited until just this month to visit a doctor again due to the pain she was feeling.

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Turns out, her cosmetic procedure was indeed botched and had led to an infection which had only festered, requiring surgery for removal. After slicing a small slit in the top of her forehead, the doctors were able to squeeze around the infected area, forcing all the gunk to pop out. After ten minutes, the whole infected mass was fully removed and Guang was stitched up.

As Guang discovered firsthand, there are horrible downsides to elective cosmetic procedures such as forehead fillers. There are plenty of topical creams and other less-invasive ways to fight the aging process, though a few wrinkles aren’t the worst thing either.

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