Why Abortion is still hard to access across Australia

Why Abortion is still hard to access across Australia

Abortion has been a topic of debate and controversy for many years. In Australia, while it is now legal, accessing abortion services can still be challenging for many women. One of the main reasons for this difficulty lies with the doctors themselves, who can either be the problem or the solution.

The Problem: Doctors’ Personal Beliefs

One of the major obstacles women face when seeking an abortion is the personal beliefs of doctors. Some doctors may hold strong religious or moral objections to abortion, which can lead to them refusing to provide the necessary services. This refusal can leave women in a vulnerable position, forcing them to search for alternative options or travel long distances to find a willing provider.

The Solution: Ensuring Accessible and Non-Judgmental Care

While some doctors may present a barrier to abortion access, others are actively working towards providing accessible and non-judgmental care. These doctors understand the importance of reproductive rights and the need for safe and legal abortion services. They prioritize the well-being and autonomy of their patients, ensuring that they have access to the necessary information, counseling, and medical procedures.

Improving Access to Abortion Services

To improve access to abortion services across Australia, it is crucial to address the issue of doctors’ personal beliefs. This can be achieved through:

  • Implementing comprehensive training programs for healthcare professionals to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide abortion services.
  • Establishing clear guidelines and regulations that protect a woman’s right to access abortion services, regardless of a doctor’s personal beliefs.
  • Increasing the number of clinics and healthcare facilities that offer abortion services, particularly in rural and remote areas where access is limited.
  • Providing public funding and support for organizations that specialize in reproductive healthcare, ensuring that women have affordable and accessible options.


While abortion is now legal in Australia, the issue of accessibility remains a challenge. Doctors play a crucial role in either facilitating or hindering access to abortion services. By addressing the personal beliefs of doctors and ensuring that women have access to non-judgmental care, we can work towards a future where all women have the right to make informed choices about their reproductive health.