Why Cancer keeps coming for the young

Cancer keeps coming for the young. Why?

Cancer keeps coming for the young. Why?

When we think of cancer, we often associate it with older individuals. However, it is a harsh reality that cancer can affect people of all ages, including the young. In this article, we will explore the reasons why cancer keeps coming for the young.

1. Genetic Factors

Genetic mutations can play a significant role in the development of cancer. Some individuals may inherit gene mutations that increase their susceptibility to certain types of cancer. These genetic factors can be present from birth, making young individuals more prone to developing cancer at an early age.

2. Environmental Exposures

Exposure to certain environmental factors can increase the risk of cancer in young individuals. Factors such as radiation, pollution, chemicals, and even lifestyle choices like smoking or excessive sun exposure can contribute to the development of cancer. Young people may unknowingly be exposed to these risk factors, leading to the onset of cancer at a young age.

3. Inherited Conditions

Some inherited conditions, such as certain types of genetic syndromes, can predispose young individuals to cancer. These conditions may affect the body’s ability to repair DNA damage or regulate cell growth, increasing the likelihood of cancer development. Regular screenings and genetic testing can help identify individuals at higher risk and enable early detection and intervention.

4. Lifestyle Choices

Unhealthy lifestyle choices can contribute to the development of cancer in young individuals. Factors such as poor diet, lack of physical activity, and substance abuse can weaken the immune system and increase the risk of cancer. Encouraging healthy habits from a young age can help reduce the chances of cancer occurrence in the future.

5. Lack of Awareness

Unfortunately, the lack of awareness about cancer in young individuals can lead to delayed diagnosis and treatment. Symptoms of cancer in young people may be mistaken for other less serious conditions, causing a delay in seeking medical attention. Raising awareness about the possibility of cancer at any age is crucial to ensure early detection and better outcomes.


Cancer does not discriminate based on age, and young individuals can be affected by this devastating disease. Genetic factors, environmental exposures, inherited conditions, lifestyle choices, and lack of awareness all contribute to the occurrence of cancer in the young. By understanding these factors and taking proactive measures, we can work towards reducing the impact of cancer on young lives.