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Marijuana Pizza Is Now a Thing in Massachusetts


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The dispensary, which also features an innovative kitchen where creations like this are born, carries many sweets like fruit chews and milk chocolate pecan bars, but the operations manager Seth Yaffe discovered that many people wanted something a bit more savory.

“We found that patients wanted a food item that they would eat during a normal day,” Yaffe said. “We wanted to do something that could be considered a full meal.”

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Yaffe says that the 300-400 patients he sees daily enjoy consuming marijuana in non-traditional formats.

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“A lot of our top sellers right now are olive oil, honey, peanut butter,” Yaffe said. “We’re working a vegan mayonnaise right now that patients will be able to put on a sandwich. … A lot of our patients really wanted to basically figure out a different way to medicate that didn’t always remind them that they were trying to do something to take care of themselves.”

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While the state passed a measure late last year to legalize recreational pot, residents still need a state-issued medical marijuana card to take home the frozen dinner.   

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