6 Family Travel Tips

As soon as you board the plane, ask a flight attendant if your family can utilize any spare rows of seats. This will give you a little extra room to spread out so your child can find a comfortable sleeping position.

http://flashpackerfamily.com Flashpacker Family Travel Blog. Used with permissio3. Make sure you can manuver with your bags.

If you’re traveling as a couple with one or more children, a good rule of thumb is that one parent needs to be able to carry all the bags so that the other parent can focus on carrying/wrangling the children.

4. Book a short stay apartment rather than a hotel room.

Short stay apartments typically cost less than comparable hotel rooms and will allow you to have kitchen access and extra room. Having kitchen access makes it easier for you to prepare breakfasts, snacks and bottles. Having several bedrooms or at least a separate living area makes it easier for one parent to sleep if your child’s sleeping schedule has become disrupted due to jet lag.

5. Travel slower.

You need to allow more time for everything when you’re traveling with a child.

If you’re traveling for more than a week build in some down time for your child when you do normal non-travel type activities.

For example, you may need to take some days/half days off from sightseeing. Find a local park where your child can run around and allow for some lazy mornings spent in your hotel room watching your child’s favorite TV programs on your laptop.

6. Create routines, even when you’re traveling. 

Every parent will recognize the importance of having routines at home.

Routines will also help your child feel calmer while you’re traveling. For example, read a story before bed just like you do at home.

Try to have a consistent daily schedule of sleep times, meal times, activity times, quiet time, and play/exercise time when you’re traveling.  

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