7 Cool ChatGPT Plugins To Try Now

Zillow Plugin

Zillow has announced the release of a ChatGPT add-on. The ChatGPT add-on is exactly what you’d expect it to be named. When activated, the Zillow ChatGPT plugin does exactly what you expect: facilitate a home search. Those who install the plugin can communicate their housing preferences in natural language, including preferences for price range, location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and other features. The Zillow plugin then accesses the real estate database to get the necessary data. 


Investment management software like PortfolioPilot, driven by artificial intelligence, is unquestionably the future wave. PortfolioPilot, a supported ChatGPT plugin, is a useful new resource for traders who want to streamline and enhance their investing processes. The tool’s sophisticated AI-driven capabilities enable it to provide users with fact-based insights and tailored suggestions. Users may paste in their portfolios for free analysis, look for market data, and even ask the bot questions about their investments. They may increase their profits and decrease their vulnerability by doing this. ChatGPT’s popularity as a source of stock advice continues to rise. 


This plugin was made with the user in mind, and its primary function is to turn ChatGPT text into playable audio. It’s a great tool for making ChatGPT outputs more accessible or for going hands-free! With the Speechki ChatGPT Plugin, you can turn any ChatGPT text into an audio file, which you can then share through a download link, a website with an audio player, or an embed.


The online real estate agency Redfin has released a ChatGPT plugin to facilitate homebuying. OpenAI, a business specializing in AI research and deployment, collaborated on developing this plugin, and it is currently available for download from the ChatGPT plugin shop. Those searching for a new place to call home may locate suitable listings by using the Redfin ChatGPT plugin and describing their dream house and community in daily language. The Redfin ChatGPT plugin will provide a list of homes that meet the user’s requirements after they’ve described those criteria. Links take users to Redfin.com listing pages, where they may arrange a tour with a knowledgeable real estate professional at their convenience.


For those who have trouble finding the perfect present for their loved ones, our website aims to alleviate that burden and streamline the gift-giving process. Giftwrap.ai is an AI-powered gift idea generator that considers the recipient’s interests and preferences to provide unique recommendations. Using the chatgpt plugin, users of Giftwrap will be able to input information about the recipient—including their age, gender, hobbies, and connection to the user—and get recommendations for appropriate presents. 

One word domains

Oneword.domains take a fresh and original approach when choosing a domain name. The feature suggests a single English word to customers as a domain name and lets them buy it instantly. Oneword.domains were created to give people a break from the tedious and sometimes fruitless process of coming up with a domain name. The goal of the Oneword.domains is to streamline the process by providing consumers with a single-word recommendation, increasing the likelihood of choosing a memorable and unique domain name. Domains recently sold are shown; users may sort recommended terms by length. 


Golden is a comprehensive plugin that may be adjusted to suit individual requirements. This innovation could drastically improve the way enterprises function. Data retrievers are not configured using Code, and this system relies on Using GPT-4. One may conduct a natural-language search of their company’s database. Here are a few of its best qualities: 

1. Email inbox and sent items can be searched through ChatGPT. 

2. Get the best results by starting an instance of AutoGPT. 

3. Additionally, sophisticated users can create their retrievers by modifying one of the available Python or TypeScript code samples.

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