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1. Train Like a: Gymnast
Go to: Awaken Gymnastics
Where: Denver, CO
Take: Gymnastics Conditioning
We can’t all pull off an impossible floor routine a la Aly Raisman, but this high-intensity circuit class will make your entire body feel like you did. With moves like handstands and muscle-ups (to imitate competing on the uneven bars) thrown in the mix, this hybrid workout will challenge your stamina, coordination, functional movement, and balance. And if you feel so inclined to try a back handspring or two by the end of class, who are we to stop you? (Build muscles strong enough to dominate on the balance beam with Women’s Health’s Lift to Get Lean by Holly Perkins.)

Have you tried our new RowCamp class? A bootcamp style class to get your heart rate going.

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2. Train Like a: Rower
Go to: RowClub
Where: San Francisco, CA
Take: RowClub Signature Class
While it’d be nice to imagine ourselves in a boat, splicing across the water at super speeds first thing in the morning, the reality is that just isn’t feasible for most of us. Which is why indoor rowing has taken the fitness industry by storm (and because of its fat-blasting effects, too). At RowClub, you’ll improve your posture, cardio endurance, and strength stroke by stroke. You can even squeeze in a little yoga practice in their 45-minute RowGa class, or improve your kettlebell skills in RowCamp. Bonus: The studio is sending one rower to Rio! All you have to do is attend a RowClub class before August 3rd. Each time you do, your name is entered into the drawing for a flight to the Games. 

“I regret that workout” said no one, ever. Photo Credit: @backofclass

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3. Train Like a: Cyclist
Go to: Flywheel Sports
Where: Multiple Locations
Take: Signature Class
The Tour de France may not include women, but the Olympics sure as hell do. And while we’d certainly recommend hopping on a bike and riding the road for the ultimate experience, let’s be honest: The sport can be expensive. So before you throw down a ton of cash for a bajillion dollar road bike—and all the bells and whistles that come with it—use a fraction of your paycheck for a Flywheel ride. You’ll pedal both in and out of the saddle to train different muscle groups (and channel climbing insanely steep hills), and be motivated by badass instructors and a killer playlist. 

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4. Train Like a: Runner
Go to: Mile High Run Club
Where: New York, NY
Take: Dash 28
Track and field is a major part of the Olympics, and speed is often the name of the game. Mile High Run Club is the first running-focused group exercise studio, and in this class you’ll bust out speed intervals, hills, and strength-training moves designed to improve your running form. (We filmed the video above in their NYC studios.) Want to skip the treadmill? Sign up for Olympic Night at the Track, where an Olympic coach will guide you through weekly runs and provide individual feedback and program suggestions for whatever race you have coming up on the calendar.

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5. Train Like a: Boxer
Go to: Joltin’ Jabs
Where: Philadelphia
Take: Boxing Fitness
For a sport that caught its claim to fame in Rocky, it makes sense to train in the city that brought you Sylvester Stallone at his finest—Philly. Former professional boxer Joey DeMalavez leads the 50-minute classes that are structured into three-minute rounds that focus on form, accuracy, and high-intensity conditioning work. By the time you’re done, you’ll be jab-hook-crossing your way to the showers—and wishing you had a bunch of steps to triumphantly sprint up.

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Great #AG6 workout this morning live on Good Day NY with Duke Castiglione. Didn’t catch it? Come in and try AG6 yourself! Thank you, @dukecastiglione and @fox5ny

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6. Train Like a: Rugby Sevens Player
Go to: Asphalt Green
Where: New York, NY
Take: AG6
Standard rugby hasn’t been an Olympic medal sport since 1924, but a version of the sport called Rugby Sevens will make its debut this year, according to You’ll see a competition consisting of seven players per team and seven-minute halves (rather than 15 players working through 40-minute halves). Since the game moves so quickly, the players have to, too. Pick up your own pace at AG6, a high-intensity interactive class that uses PRAMA technology to make walls and floors LED-capable and touch-responsive. What that means for your workout: Your training ground becomes your competitor, teammate, or target, depending on what your instructor wants. Every movement you make becomes extremely immersive, and you’ll work on speed, footwork, and reaction drills all while trying to outsmart your competitors—just like you would in Sevens.

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7. Train Like a: Soccer Star
Go to: CorePower Yoga
Where: Multiple Locations
Take: CorePower Yoga 2
Every athlete needs to actively recover, and yoga is a great way to loosen up those limbs. Celebs and athletes alike are major fans of CorePower—Julianne Hough and Olympic soccer player Christen Press often take classes. (And hey, if it works for her…) CorePower Yoga 2 is a perfect flow to keep you challenged through more difficult poses, while setting at a pace—in a room heated to 98 degrees—that allows you to deepen each stretch. If you’re after a more upbeat practice, try YogaSculpt, which combines free weights and cardio to CorePower Yoga 2 sequencing to intensify each pose.