“I was working at a local party supplies store. I was supposed to be there by 9 a.m., and most days I wouldn’t arrive until 11 a.m. My boss was usually there at noon, so I didn’t think he’d know I was ALWAYS late, but a few people I worked with kept telling him because they were annoyed that I was sneaking in to work and they had to be there early. To make it worse, I’d also leave early, never wear the right uniform, and be on my phone the whole time. I was practically asking to get fired.

“About three months into working this job, my boss pulled me in his office and told me this wasn’t working out. I wasn’t meant to work here, or anywhere. It was rude, but I understood why he felt that. He fired me on the spot, and said I couldn’t use him as a recommendation to work anywhere else.” —Tanya K., 23