8 Essential AI Tools for Quick Results


An AI-powered platform called tl;dv was created to increase the efficiency of virtual meetings. Meetings held with Google Meet and Zoom may be recorded, underlined, edited, shared, and downloaded. Statistics that shed information on the operation of their sessions may also be useful to users. There are many uses for tl;dv, including the capacity to record online meetings for free, reduce meeting time, have more productive meetings, share meeting insights more quickly, scale recruitment, onboarding, and training, amplify customer voice, increase transparency, enable cross-functional collaboration, work across time zones, and ensure effective follow-up.


Around 2,000,000 people from all around the globe have used Kickresume to write their resumes and cover letters. It offers various resources, including professional-quality templates vetted by HR professionals, to help users craft their strongest resumes. Kickresume protects the privacy of its users by letting them choose which cookies to accept. It has resources, including a resume and cover letter builder, a website creator, an artificial intelligence resume writer, an artificial intelligence cover letter writer, a resume checker, a jobs board called Pyjama, and resume and cover letter samples. You may use the instructions to improve your resume and cover letter writing skills.


10Web’s AI-enhanced WordPress platform streamlines the development and maintenance processes for websites. Tools like an automated WordPress host, BuddyBoss hosting, one-click migration, real-time backup and security, and a page speed optimizer are all part of the platform. Using the Elementor-based drag-and-drop editor, users may easily construct or replicate any website with AI in the AI Builder. With extensions for popular WordPress plugins like Yoast, Classic Editor, and more, the AI Assistant makes it easy to produce high-quality material quickly and easily. The fastest, totally automated WordPress hosting, powered by Google Cloud, is provided by Automated WordPress Hosting. With PageSpeed Booster, websites may achieve a PageSpeed score of 90 or higher, boost their Core Web Vitals, and run more efficiently. The platform also has e-commerce widgets, menus, forms, sliders, 50+ premium widgets, full-site construction features, and 20+ content templates.


The artificial intelligence tool CHARTGPT automatically generates charts from user-supplied text. The program reads your data description and then employs React, Next.js, OpenAI, and Tailwind CSS to render eye-catching charts. Users may save time and work by just typing in their data and having the tool turn it into a graph. Presenters, data analysts, and researchers will find it particularly useful for creating concise data visualizations. CHARTGPT’s use of OpenAI guarantees reliable output charts and the capability to process complicated and unstructured data. The results are presented attractively, facilitating both comprehension and dissemination.

Yatter Plus

Yatter Plus is an artificial intelligence–driven WhatsApp chatbot that alleviates your daily stresses by responding promptly to your inquiries and worries. Yatter Plus is like having a personal assistant at your disposal all the time, with the added convenience of communicating with it through text. The AI-powered helper has several useful functions, such as providing instantaneous responses to any question, translating across languages, doing computations, and more. Yatter Plus eliminates the need to search several search results before finding what you’re looking for. Therefore, Yatter Plus helps you save time, allowing you to work more effectively. You can use Yatter Plus on your favorite messaging software, WhatsApp, and it’s really simple.


Glasp is an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven app that sums up YouTube videos in seconds. It uses cutting-edge NLP and ML technology to provide consumers with a clear, short synopsis of the video in question. Glasp combines the strengths of ChatGPT and YouTube to create summaries that help users save time. The extension may be downloaded and installed on Chrome, Safari, and other web browsers in seconds. Glasp may be accessed on social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Substack, Discord, and Slack. Glasp summarizes YouTube videos and allows users to highlight and organize phrases and ideas from the web and access the knowledge shared by individuals with similar interests.

Monic AI

Monic.ai is developing a digital headquarters for learning management supplemented with AI. In addition to spaced repetition and deep file search (searching inside the sentences of your picture files), this platform facilitates various learning techniques. User-generated, unstructured content like PowerPoint presentations, books, and handwritten notes may be used to create interactive learning tools like flashcards and simulated tests for students and teachers.


By providing customers with features like team collaboration, a library of prompts, and an always-available service, ChatABC.ai is an improved version of ChatGPT. Users may choose from many models, such as ChatGPT and GPT-4, and place conversations in distinct folders for easy access. In addition, customers may upload papers and have their inquiries regarding those documents answered by the AI assistant. The software comes with over 150 pre-made suggestions; users may also make their own. There is a free plan, paid options for individuals, small groups, and corporations, and a bespoke plan.