Make no mistake about it: Whole30 is not for the faint of heart. The plan cuts added sugar (even natural sugar in honey and fake sugar like Stevia are out), alcohol, grains, legumes, dairy, and processed foods for 30 days. That leaves you with meat, veggies, fruit, and some nuts (peanuts are legumes). 

If you’re just looking to make a few tweaks or want to gradually introduce some healthier recipes into your life, the Whole30 is not for you. This elimination diet is known for its no-nonsense philosophy. You’re either all in or you’re out.

Although the creators of the plan won’t call this elimination diet a weight-loss plan, following the Whole30 often results in weight loss, more energy, clearer skin, and, well, better everything, according to their legions of fans. 

And while all that’s good to know, you might be craving a little insight on how to actually stick with the plan so you can see those potential benefits, too. 

If you’ve decided that you’re ready to commit to dramatically different way of eating, we’ve got tips from women who’ve done Whole30 at least once—with o cheating. Here’s how you can, too.