Altruism: Why are some people selfless?

(CBS News) What creates one chairman stop to assistance someone in need, while another simply walks by?

A New York City military officer was recently held on camera in a pointless act of kindness, and in a process, prisoner a hearts of people around a world.

NYPD officer buys boots for homeless man
NYPD officer says celebrity over act of affability “surreal”

So since is it that some people are some-more disposed to generosity?

Child and youth clergyman Dr. Jennifer Hartstein talked to Rebecca Jarvis and Anthony Mason about either altruism is an inherited quality, or something that can be taught.

“Compassion is something that is inherited in people,” Hartstein said. “We’re innate with a certain turn of care that drives us to being altruistic.”

On a cold night in midtown Manhattan, NYPD Officer Larry DePrimo bought a span of boots for a barefoot, homeless male though suggestive someone was photographing a exchange.

The picture of DePrimo’s kind gesticulate has been common and re-shared — interjection to amicable media — creation him an impulse to millions, and giving relatives an event for a teachable moment.

“It’s so easy to uncover a children what they can do, how they can strech out, how they can be helpful,” Hartstein said. “And not to do it for a fame, though to do it since it’s suggestive to you.”

To watch a full news and talk with Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, click on a video actor above.

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