Axe Allergic Reaction Prompts School Plea

Katie Moisse

By Katie Moisse
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gty axe body spray tk 130320 wblog School Asks Students to Ditch Axe Body Spray After Allergic Reaction

A Pennsylvania high school is asking students to lay off the body spray. (Image credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images)

A Pennsylvania high school is asking students to lay off the body spray after one of them suffered a life-threatening allergic reaction.

The student, whose name and gender have not been made public, was rushed to a nearby hospital by ambulance after being exposed to Axe Body Spray, according to a statement by Freedom High School in Bethlehem, Pa.

“My request to all Freedom Family members is that we take into consideration this student’s allergy to Axe Body Spray and refrain from using it as your cologne or fragrance of choice while attending Freedom High School,” the statement read.

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Axe, owned by Unilever, makes deodorant and body sprays as well as hair, face and body cleansers. The company insists that customer safety and well-being are its “first priority.”

“We were made aware of a report about an allergic reaction, and we are looking into the matter,” a spokesman said in an email to “If there are any issues with our products, we advise consumers to reach out to our Consumer Services Team at our 800 phone number, which is available on the back of our product packaging.”

Freedom High School Principal Michael LaPorta said the student “is fine” but has not yet returned to class.

“We’re looking into the possibility of some homebound instruction, understanding that not everybody is going to refrain from wearing Axe Body Spray,” he said.

When asked about a no-fragrance policy for the school, LaPorta said it would be “hard to enforce.”

“I really don’t know if we could,” he said. “The approach we’ve taken is to appeal to our school community, to help them understand that we have a student with a medical concern.

“They should use their judgment,” he said.

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