Comparing Qualifacts CareLogic EHR with AthenaHealth EHR

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Every size of practice needs a digital assistant to make things run more smoothly at work; regardless of how little your practice is, it does not matter if you have only 10 employees or some mega business where you may have as many as 5000 employees. However, it may be more difficult to choose decent software when there are so many available, and you don’t know who to trust to give you the real scoop about these programs. In order to compare AthenaHealth EHR with CareLogic, we have collated their features, costs, and demos along with our unvarnished opinions of each. 

CareLogic EHR Software  

An electronic health records (EHR) solution for large to very large behavioral health and human services organizations is called CareLogic EHR Software. It is a web-based EHR system. To help professionals working in human services and behavioral health organizations, the software includes capabilities including clinical operations management, revenue management, scheduling, billing, reporting, treatment planning, e-prescribing, consumer involvement, and ad-hoc reporting. The extensive set of functions available on the ONC-ATCB-certified platform help organizations gets better results. 

CareLogic EHR Features 


Behavioral health professionals can gain insight into their clinical data by using analytics and reporting tools. The software generates reports on a variety of topics, including referral sources, treatment outcomes, and provider productivity. In order to improve their clinical procedures and give patients better care, providers can use the data. 

In-Built Templates 

To assist doctors working in behavioral health, the program offers a variety of clinical documentation formats. The templates can be altered to satisfy the requirements of various providers and follow HIPAA guidelines. 

Appointment Scheduling 

Physicians may quickly schedule visits for their patients with the help of CareLogic EHR appointment scheduling tool. Finding available timeslots is simple thanks to the user-friendly interface, and patient data is filled in right away. 

CareLogic EHR Reviews 

There are a lot of favorable CareLogic reviews online from users who say the software has allowed them to be more productive, save time, and provide better patient care. The product’s user-friendly interface and capacity to enhance clinical documentation are praised by users. 

CareLogic EHR Pricing  

The cost of CoreLogic EHR is dependent on the number of users and doctors. In large medical offices, the cost might be anything from $10,000 and $100,000. 

CareLogic EHR Demo 

You may find out more about and see a demo of the CareLogic EHR software to see whether it would be appropriate for your business. The software is not available in a trial or free version. 

AthenaHealth EHR Software  

For many years, the clinical community in the US (and other countries) has had access to specialized IT services thanks to AthenaHealth software. The Athena EHR medical practice management solution offered by the corporation is highlighted in each set of comparisons. An extensive investigation revealed that the program is ideal for successfully handling the paperwork and patient data in your medical practice. 

AthenaHealth EHR Features 

Patient Engagement  

It is made feasible by the athenahealth EHR software, which simplifies payments, allows for appointment self-scheduling, and offers online access to medical information. Patients can now seek medicine refills, connect with doctors, and view lab test results using mobile devices. Also available are automated appointments, payment, and aftercare notifications and reminders. 

Using the patient interface of the AthenaHealth EMR, patients can quickly set up appointments while reviewing their most recent medical data, prescriptions, and dietary supplements. In order to better satisfy client needs, increase patient happiness, and reduce the need for manual scheduling by front desk employees, healthcare professionals can also change the functionality of the platform. 

Clinical Notes 

You can utilize AthenaHealth to add clinical notes to the patient’s chart while you review the patient’s earlier data. Vital signs, allergies, and the patient’s medicines should be readily visible. You can use it to voice-record patient notes if you’re the type of doctor who prefers to take notes on paper rather than on a computer. 

Electronic orders 

Making notes as fresh test orders, diagnoses, and prescriptions for electronic drugs are written is achievable with the use of the AthenaHealth program. The diagnosis, prescription, and order information will be given to you for review after the consultation is over. 

AthenaHealth EHR Pricing  

Athenahealth offers a variety of payment options for their emr price based on interactions and percentages. The Athenahealth software will be paid for with a predefined portion of your practice’s monthly earnings under the percent-based system. Contact us to find out more about Athena EHR pricing. 

AthenaHealth EHR Demo 

Requesting an Athena EHR demo will allow you to see how AthenaHealth works and determine if it fits you well. 

AthenaHealth EHR Reviews 

Athena EHR reviews indicate that users who adhere to modest practices adore the programme. Most user grievances are small in nature.