?Dear Kim Kardashian: We Love Your Cellulite

The photos popped up on TMZ—and the haterade started. “Man, is cellulite the new black?” one person wrote in the comments. “WOW, the only natural thing about her butt is the cellulite,” another said. 

What the hell, people? Kim is always criticized for her airbrushed, perfect image, so when evidence surfaces that she’s real, that’s a problem, too? Come on. The girl can’t win. And, we would argue that if anything, showing her cellulite makes her more likable.

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Think about this: She has two children, including a daughter who will most likely take cues from her mom about her own body image. By proudly wearing a bikini on the beach and refusing to cover up something that some may see as a flaw, she’s setting an amazing example for a whole new generation—whether it was intentional or not.

But the backlash almost ruins the positive impact. If Kim Kardashian, who’s graced the cover of Vogue and whose likeness appears on billboards, emojis, T-shirts, and even prayer candles, gets heat for having a little cellulite, what does that say for the rest of us who don’t have the benefit of makeup artists, designer wardrobes, and fitness trainers? What does that say to our daughters and sisters—that our small “imperfections” make us unworthy? And what kind of message does that send to Kim? Is she now supposed to stop wearing bathing suits because the very act of having cellulite is offensive to some people? That sounds like a load of B.S. to us.

Luckily, there are plenty of body-positive people on social media celebrating cellulite to balance out the hate. Instagram is filled with pics that women have posted of their own skin dimples, specifically calling them out as a bodily feature to love (we’re looking at you, Ashley Graham!), as they should.

Don’t let the haters drag you down, Kim. We invite you to join these women and flip the script on your haters by posting your own un-retouched booty pic—because you have a lot to be proud of.