FDA staff says Zogenix painkiller has abuse risks

Drug reviewers pronounced a painkiller grown by Zogenix Inc. could presumably be abused some-more than now accessible hydrocodone multiple products.

Zogenix’s painkiller Zohydro is a single-entity product containing hydrocodone — a analgesic painkiller. Hydrocodone and oxycodone are often-abused drugs.

Combination hydrocodone drugs customarily also enclose acetaminophen, a active part in common pain products such as Tylenol.

However, given an overdose of acetaminophen can means liver damage, generally in patients on other acetaminophen medications, there is a requirement for painkillers but acetaminophen.

The reviewers pronounced a approaching aloft levels of abuse with Zohydro were formed on what has been celebrated for oxycodone products, according to lecture papers expelled by a U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday.

“The abuse ratio for oxycodone multiple products was 24 puncture dialect visits per million tablets dispensed, compared with 85 visits for oxycodone single-entity ER products,” a FDA reviewers pronounced in a documents.

An eccentric row of experts will advise a FDA and opinion on a drug’s safety, efficiency and capitulation on Friday.

Zogenix shares were down 6 percent during $2.39 in early trade on Wednesday on a Nasdaq.

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