GSK hopes for 14 new drug successes in 2013-14

By Ben Hirschler

Mon Dec 3, 2012 10:48am EST

LONDON (Reuters) – GlaxoSmithKline expects to have pivotal clinical hearing formula on adult to 14 medicines in a subsequent dual years, including dual new products that – if they work – could change a approach cancer and heart illness are treated.

Unveiling a subsequent call of a tube on Monday, Britain’s biggest drugmaker pronounced it was now building a broader operation of drugs than in a past, as it moves divided from a industry’s normal concentration on “blockbusters”.

Some of a new medicines will be comparatively tiny commercially though a handful have a intensity to spin multibillion-dollar-a-year sellers.

GSK is banking on a tube to revitalise a business after it unsuccessful to grow sales this year as hoped, due to high vigour on drug prices in austerity-hit Europe.

Chief Executive Andrew Witty pronounced he did not design any poignant boost in costs as a outcome of a hurl out of new products and GSK would continue to demeanour for ways to boost potency opposite a business.

“We feel really comfortable, quite by 2013 and into 2014, that we can conduct both with a broadly prosaic RD bill and also though poignant increases in a blurb organization,” he said.

Key initial drugs that will have formula from final-stage Phase III clinical trials in 2013 and 2014 embody a heart drug darapladib and healing cancer vaccine MAGE-A3, a association pronounced in a lecture to investors and analysts.

Both drugs are potentially high-reward though also high-risk, given they paint new medical approaches, and analysts have been demure to charge estimable sales forecasts to either.

GSK acquired full rights to darapladib after shopping Human Genome Sciences for $3 billion progressing this year. The jury is still out on either a approach it works, by targeting an enzyme called Lp-PLA2, indeed reduces heart attacks and strokes.

MAGE-A3, meanwhile, is being tested in lung cancer and melanoma. If successful, it could yield a boost to a wider margin of regulating vaccines to provide cancer, rather than only preventing it as happens now with cervical cancer shots.


Other compounds GSK believes have substantial guarantee embody mepolizumab for serious asthma and dual drugs opposite singular diseases – drisapersen for Duchenne robust dystrophy and migalastat for Fabry’s disease.

Rare diseases offer tiny markets with high prices and are an augmenting concentration for vast curative companies who wish to widespread their bets among mass-market and niche healing areas.

“Our plan is to enlarge a series of things entrance by late-stage growth by not focusing on a blockbuster model,” conduct of drug growth Patrick Vallance told Reuters.

“Within this strategy, there will be things that spin out to be really large indeed. What a universe has not been good during doing is spotting that ones they are early on.”

In a final dual years, GSK has reported Phase III formula on 12 assets, of that 10 have been broadly positive, and Vallance pronounced a extent of a company’s tube was enlivening for a destiny – generally as many drugs were now being grown some-more fast than in a past.

“The trustworthiness of that upsurge looks intensely compelling,” he said.

(Editing by Louise Heavens)

Via: Health Medicine Network