Fashion guru Gok Wan has bounced back from debilitating back pain that once forced him to use a cane – and it’s all down to that most ordinary of exercises: walking.

The TV presenter, who hosted How To Look Good Naked, had seven back operations four years ago after suffering slipped discs.

‘It was awful. But you’ve got to keep mobile. It’s the only way,’ says Gok, 42, who lives in North London.

Television presenter Gok Wan, pictured, has had seven back operations after suffering slipped discs

‘I walk everywhere. I don’t ever use the car and I don’t ever use taxis.

‘If I have a meeting in Piccadilly, by the time I have walked from home there and back I’ve done three miles.

‘My back is much better but I am quite careful with it. It’s all about not doing too much and knowing when you are tired.

‘These days I listen to my body. I have learned that now.’

He admits that the pain does still flare up, but only in the kitchen. He adds: ‘It’s odd – the only time it really hurts tends to be when I am cooking!’

Scientists have called for parents to stop fearing the sugar in fruits – and put juices back in their children’s lunchboxes.

New research from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey shows that nine in ten UK children are not getting their five a day, but that those who drink 100 per cent fruit juices are more likely to achieve the target.

‘Sugar has become public enemy number one,’ says Dr Carrie Ruxton, who led the study. 

‘But removing 100 per cent fruit juice completely from a child’s diet overlooks essential nutrients such as Vitamin C, folate and potassium that it provides.’

She recommends a daily 150ml dose of juice with no added sugar. 

Dr Ruxton added that previous research had also shown that consumers of 100 per cent fruit juice tended to have lower BMIs than non-juice drinkers.

Milk from cockroaches has been hailed as the next superfood, after scientists discovered that it packs three times the energy of buffalo milk.

After analysing the protein in the milk of a specific type of cockroach, scientists at the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in Bangalore, India, found that it was extremely nutrient-dense, and contained a mechanism for controlled protein release.

Just like mammals, the Pacific beetle cockroach gives birth to young, and the mother feeds them.

The authors of the study, published in the International Union Of Crystallography, are now looking for way to synthetically reproduce the proteins in this milk, to eliminate the need to use natural milk from the cockroaches.

A ‘placenta’ made of electronics and living human cells has been developed in an effort to better understand premature births and prevent them.

The device, left, dubbed ‘a placenta-on-a-chip’, is a silicon box the size of a pack of cards containing two layers of ‘cloned’ human cells that mimic the interface between mother and foetus.

This pack of cards-sized silicon box is actually a ‘placenta-on-a-chip’ that can mimic the interface between a mother and foetus

Live placentas are difficult to study as they have a lifespan of just a few hours after delivery, but this device allows researchers to study how molecules are transported through, or are blocked by, the interface.

One pregnancy in ten results in a premature or pre-term birth. 

‘That rate has not been decreasing and premature babies may experience lifelong, debilitating consequences,’ explained the inventors at the University of Pennsylvania.

A new series of podcasts aims to help women restore pelvic-floor strength through audio workouts lasting five to 15 minutes.

Pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and exercise all take their toll on the pelvic floor and this can lead to bladder weakness – which affects the lives of one in three women in the UK.

‘Pelvic-floor exercises, or Kegels, can sometimes be difficult to do,’ says pelvic-floor expert Jane Wake, who narrates the exercises. 

‘That’s why these podcasts are the perfect solution. When you find yourself with a spare five, ten or 15 minutes, on the bus, train, at your desk or in a waiting room, you can pop the podcast on and give your pelvic floor a workout with no one else knowing.’

To download the INNOVO® pelvic-floor podcasts and videos, visit or download the free app from the App Store or Google Play.