HEALTH NOTES: Lisa wants a lift after dramatic weight loss

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Lisa Riley is having surgery for her excess skin for the second time

Lisa Riley’s weight loss – she dropped from a curvy size 28 to a size 12 – has been one of the most dramatic celebrity transformations in recent years.

Now the Loose Women star is to undergo post-obesity surgery for a second time – she had a stone of excess skin on her stomach, hips and legs removed in February.

The 40-year-old, left, who rose to fame as Mandy Dingle on ITV soap Emmerdale, shed the weight by sticking to a 400-calorie-a-day diet.

Although Lisa feared she ‘might not wake up’ after her first procedure, she is now ready to go under the knife again.

She says: ‘Most of my body is nice and snug but my boobs just need a little bit of a helping. I am not having implants but they are going to use my own tissue and I am going to have an uplift. I am also having my “bingo wings” done at the same time.

‘I am a little nervous but I am so lucky that my surgeon, Rob Winterton, is the best.’

Women taking the contraceptive pill may feel less happy and more lethargic than those who don’t, according to scientists.

A study, conducted by researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden in collaboration with the Stockholm School of Economics, found that taking the pill had a perceived negative effect on mood, self-control and energy levels.

Women aged between 18 and 35 were given either the contraceptive or a placebo for three months. Those who were given the pills in the study estimated their quality of life to be significantly lower.

‘This possible degradation of quality of life should be paid attention to and taken into account in conjunction with prescribing of contraceptive pills and when choosing a method of contraception,’ say the authors, who published their results in the scientific journal Fertility And Sterility.

People who suffer from constipation could find an easy way to cure their condition – they just need to put their feet up. Raising the feet on a 7in-high support while on the loo is being tested as a way to tackle chronic cases of the complaint.

It has previously been noted that constipation is less common in countries where people squat rather than sit on the loo.

Researchers in Minnesota say the change helped improve the symptoms of nearly 98 per cent of sufferers in a small trial.

Chance to say goodbye

An app has been launched that allows people suffering from a terminal illness to record a final message for their family and friends on their smartphone.

SwonSong will display a person’s chosen words on screen like a television Autocue while they are filmed using the phone’s camera.

SwonSong is a new app that helps people record a last message for their family if they have a terminal illness

It is also possible to add background music and a slideshow of favourite photographs that plays towards the end of the message.

Electronics engineer David Lamonby, 62, from Waterlooville, Hampshire, came up with the idea after losing his mother Anita to vascular dementia. He says: ‘Dementia meant my mum stopped being the person I’d known all my life. I thought if only I could have captured her as she was.’ A National Council for Palliative Care has welcomed the app, which is free on the App Store.

Asthma inhaler fears 

Nine out of ten people with asthma do not know how to manage their condition properly. Asthma affects 5.4 million people in the UK, but only half use their inhaler correctly. Astonishingly, 90 per cent of patients admitted that they didn’t know how to use their device at all.

Incorrect use often means only a small amount of the medication reaches the lungs.

Anshu Bhimbat, of LloydsPharmacy, which carried out the research, said: ‘Incorrect use of inhalers is becoming increasingly common. In general, if someone is using their reliever inhaler more than three times per week, it is likely that they don’t have control over their condition.’

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